China Southern becomes C2K member

It becomes the first airlines in China mainland who obtains the C2K Quality Certification and the 19th active member of Cargo 2000 organisation.

C2K China Southern Airlines

On May 15th 2014, Miami of the United States, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) issues the Cargo 2000 active member certification to China Southern Airlines. China Southern Airlines becomes the ï¬rst airlines in China mainland who obtains the C2K Quality Certification and the 19th active member of Cargo 2000 organisation.

Cargo 2000 (C2K) is a self-funded, IATA sponsored interest group of major airlines and freight forwarders. The group has set up 19 segments in supply chain and aims at changing the way of air cargo industry service quality management. Cargo 2000 consists of a group of 88 major airlines, freight forwarders, ground handlers, trucking companies and IT providers.

“I must say it is a rare occasion when I can recall such a complete preparation.” Mr. Tom Presnail, director of Asia and The Americas at C2K remarked after he ï¬nished the formal audit to China Southern Cargo. Mr. You Antao, director of China Southern Cargo Service Quality Supervision, who receives the active member certification on behalf of company says, “By means of applying C2K measurement of milestones and alert setting procedures during the shipmentʼs transport, It can achieve much more transparency and visibility of air cargo service for the customers. It can also substantially reduces time cost of irregularities disposal, service failures management, as well as cargo tracing and inquiry for our customers, so that China Southern can keep improving our cargo services quality efficiently.” Mr. You also said that China Southern Cargo will continue to keep improving their Cargo 2000 performance and service quality by a series of control measures implementation, such as regular service site audit and service evaluation of outsourcing service providers to the whole cargo system.