China Airlines accredited as Qualified Envirotainer Provider

Envirotainer launched the QEP program to recognise those airlines and freight forwarders that can properly manage shipments with Envirotainer containers.

China Airlines Envirotainer

In April 2014, China Airlines was accredited as a “Qualified Envirotainer Provider” (QEP) by Envirotainer. The accreditation was awarded to five global stations : Taipei, Tokyo, San Francisco, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. With the accreditation from Envirotainer, customers can be assured of CI’s capability to offer reliable cool chain services, according to China Airlines press statement.

Envirotainer launched the QEP program to recognise those airlines and freight forwarders that can properly manage shipments with Envirotainer containers. Participants of the program must demonstrate their training, procedures and audits complying with the current Good Distribution Practices guidance documents, including the requirements of the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).