C.A.L. Cargo expands reach with B747 flight to Moncton

B747 aircraft lands on Greater Moncton International Airport's newly expanded runway.

B747 Boeing

C.A.L. Cargo Air Lines, has announced the first flight from Greater Moncton International Airport (YQM), Canada to Liege, Belgium. The flight, a B747 with a full payload of seafood and industrial goods represents growth for the company and is a manifestation of the company’s 2014 strategy, focusing on North America.

Originating at JFK, this is the first B747 aircraft to land on Greater Moncton International Airport’s newly expanded runway. Carrying lobster and seafood, C.A.L. leveraged their temperature controlled and time sensitive product – CAL Cool. The flight, containing a full payload then flew to Liege Airport, Belgium, where it was handled by CAL’s wholly owned ground handling agent, LACHS.