MH370 search goes west

Based on the latest intel, the search off Vietnam's waters have been redirected south-west.


Investigators believe the missing Malaysia Airlines plane missing for more than 12 days with 239 people on board most likely flew in the direction of the Indian Ocean.

No wreckage has yet been found from Flight MH370, despite an unprecedented search involving 26 nations in two vast ‘corridors’ – one arcing north overland from Laos towards the Caspian Sea, the other curving south across the Indian Ocean from west of Indonesia’s Sumatra island to west of Australia.

At this point, up to 26 nations are involved with the search with Australia seemingly leading the search.

While there have been theories swirling around about how the flight could have gone to Kazakhstan or Pakistan, nothing has been conclusive thus far.

Cargo wise, the flight was carrying a large consignment of mangosteens (four tons). Theoretically it could be possible to hide a small bomb amongst the fruits, according to sources but this theory is so far proving to be far fetched, though not ruled out completely by investigators yet.

So while new evidence creeps in (at a painfully slow pace) for public information, the possibilities are still open and the world continues to wait with bated breath on the fate of MH370.