Boeing tries a closeout sale ahead of coming B777X jet

Ahead of the upcoming B777x, it needs to "persuade" customers to continue buying existing versions of the B777.

B777X Boeing

News reports have indicated that Boeing is planning new marketing tactics to extend sales of its leading long-range jet for several more years until a new version is ready, the company’s top salesman said.

The effort is aimed at addressing a problem for Boeing as it develops its planned 777X, a more fuel-efficient version of the current 777 that is expected to start deliveries around 2020. The 777X has capture record orders for a new plane, but to keep Boeing’s production lines churning and generating cash for the company, it needs to persuade customers to continue buying existing versions of the 777 – even though they will soon be outmoded.

According to news reports, Boeing aims to pair orders for the coming 777X with the current-generation jet. Another idea offers customers a chance to sell older passenger jets for conversion to cargo aircraft and replace them with newly-built jets, John Wojick, Boeing vice president of sales was quoted as saying.