ACI:End of year cargo surge signals revival

Middle east continues to lead overall growth in air freight volumes.

air freight

Worldwide air freight traffic grew one per cent in 2013, a modest improvement from the 0.2 per cent drop in freight traffic reported by ACI for 2012. Global air freight traffic continued its fourth-quarter growth with volumes increasing 3.2 per cent year-over-year during the month, a 0.2 point slip from November.

Air freight traffic in 2013 improved most significantly at airports in the Middle East region, where volumes grew 5.4 per cent year-over-year. Air cargo growth was slower in 2013, growing 0.9 per cent in the Asia-Pacific region and 0.8 per cent in the European region. For North America, volumes budged just 0.5 per cent. In the Latin America-Caribbean and African regions, volumes fell (down 0.2 per cent) and (down 2.7 per cent) repectively.