Carriers make formal complaint over Jetstar Hong Kong application

Cathay Pacific and Dragon Air have formerly objected to Jetstar Hong Kong’s application for a licence to operate.

Cathay Dragon Air Jetstar

The carrier’s both cite Article 134 of Hong Kong’s Basic Law which states that a business must have its principal place of business in Hong Kong.

The statement goes on to claim that Jetstar Hong Kong would be managed by Australia – through Jetstar in Australia or its parent, Qantas.

Cathay was quoted as saying: “Cathay Pacific Airways is not against competition. We successfully compete with other airlines every day in Hong Kong and around the world.”

It also went on to say that: “The reality is that, by its own admission, Jetstar Hong Kong is a franchise of a foreign airline which is also controlled by that foreign airline.  The setting up of Jetstar Hong Kong is an attempt by a foreign carrier to gain access to Hong Kong’s pool of traffic rights without a fair exchange of value to Hong Kong.  This is against the principle of fairness and reciprocity and is not in the best interests of Hong Kong.”