Prolonged smoke haze forces Singapore Seletar Airport closure and visibility concerns at Changi

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) has closed Seletar Airport to all traffic with air traffic controllers allowing more time between takeoffs and landings because of visibility concerns at Changi Airport.

CAAS Changi Airport fires haze Indonesia PSI Runway Visual Range RVR Singapore smoke

With the city-state of Singapore enveloped in a thick smokey haze from burning forest fires in neighbouring Indonesia, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) has closed the island’s second airport – Seletar Airport which operates under visual meteorological conditions – to all departing and arriving flights as a result of prolonged poor visibility caused by the haze.The closure on Thursday from 11AM to 11PM was subsequently extended to 2PM Friday as the Runway Visual Range (RVR) fluctuated bewtween 700 and 1,200 metres, below Seletar’s minimum operating requirement of 1,500 metres.

Meanwhile over at the the main Changi Airport gateway the RVR has been fluctuating between 650 and 1,600 metres which has prompted air traffic controllers to increase the time between takeoffs and landings because of the visibility concerns. The RVR is a measurement of the horizontal visibility along the runway or the range over which the pilot of an aircraft can see along the runway. The CAAS added that the move was simply a precautionary step and Changi Airport has facilities and procedures to allow safe landing of aircraft in low visibility conditions in accordance with international standards. There had not been any significant delays in flight departures and arrivals the CAAS added.