Iraqi Airlines chooses Dusseldorf

The North German hub of Dusseldorf was chosen as the second point of entry for Iraqi Airlines into Germany.

A320 A321 A330 B777 Dusseldorf Erbil Iraqi Airlines

From May Iraqi Airlines is operating two flights per week with A320 or A321 equipment. The Tuesday flight starts at Erbil arriving Dusseldorf at 10.30 UTC and returning to Sulaimaniyah at midday. The Wednesday flight from Sulaimaniyah also arrives at 10.30UTC and departs to Erbil at midday. Cargo capacity is between1 to 2 tons. Both airports are within road access to Baghdad. The Iraqi Airlines network also provides connections to other destinations in the region. In addition to the A320 and A321, the airline  also has the possibility of operating a A330 or B777 aircraft which would provide more cargo capacity.