Successful hostile raider attack against Swissport

Flawed legal process led by Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) and Aron Mayberg.

Aron Mayberg Swissport Ukraine International Airlines

With immediate effect Swissport has lost ownership and control of Swissport Ukraine completely after a binding court decision in Kiev, Ukraine. This is the unfortunate consequence of the successful hostile raider attack of Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) and its main shareholder, Mr. Aron Mayberg.

This hostile raider attack was based on alleged violations of formalities without legal grounds and now resulted, after unfair judicial process, in this surprising loss of ownership. With immediate effect any responsibility for this Ukrainian legal entity (so far known as “Swissport Ukraine”) now lies solely with the new owner, Ukraine International Airlines. Due to this change of ownership the former “Swissport Ukraine” will be no longer covered under the Swissport International Aviation Liability Insurance and all other international insurance programmes controlled by Swissport International. Swissport International will take instant action to remove the brand “Swissport Ukraine” with immediate effect.