WFC And A-Sonic Announce Strategic Partnership

Through the partnership, WFC and WWGSA will continue to expand and provide their partners with expertise and resources.

A-Sonic Group World Freight Company International Worldwide GSA

A-Sonic Group has announced a strategic partnership with the World Freight Company International (WFC) for its cargo general sales unit, Worldwide GSA (WWGSA).

“Through this partnership with WFC, WWGSA will continue to expand and provide our airline partners the expertise and resources to position their products in these key markets effectively,” comments Janet Tan, CEO of A-Sonic.

“We welcome Worldwide GSA into the group,” comments Vikram Singh, WFC’s vice president for Middle East and Asia Pacific. “Worldwide GSA has earned a strong reputation for being a professional partner to its airline principals in Asia. We aim to build on this success by providing the enhanced synergies through the WFC network and further strengthening our presence in Asia.”