DHL increases cargo capacity with new A300 service

New freighter addresses growing volume of imports, exports and greater reliability.

A300 freighter David Ng DHL Express

DHL Express, has further increased its cargo capacity by 30 percent with the new A300 freighter service in Penang, Malaysia.

Almost 61 percent of the exports in Malaysia go to China, United States, Hong Kong, Japan and Germany while 63 percent of imports come from China, United States, Singapore, Japan and Germany. In 2011, the state attracted RM14.04 billion of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and has been an important backbone to the economy. This places DHL Express’ new A300 freighter service in a prime position to complement Penang’s trade activities.

“The importance of Penang is evident from its contributions to the country’s overall gross domestic product. The introduction of the new freighter comes at an opportune time as itwill see the A300 providing extra 30 percent cargo capacity and businesses can ride onthe growing demands to expand their footprint overseas. As a new generation aircraft, theA300 not only offers greater reliability but helps us achieve greater per tonnage carbon efficiency as compared to the B727 that we are replacing. This underscores the company’s commitment towards ensuring a sustainable environment,” commented David Ng, managing director, DHL Express Malaysia and Brunei.

The new A300 service, which operates five times weekly to Hong Kong, also connects to DHL’s non-stop service from Hong Kong to Los Angeles.