Cargo 2000 members remain committed to service quality

Membership classification process aims to recognize the achievements and commitments of members using its quality management system.

Cargo 2000 membership classification

Cargo 2000’s 2013 membership classification analysis shows a continued commitment by its members to improve the quality of their air cargo services.

Launched in 2012, Cargo 2000’s membership classification process aims to recognize the achievements and commitments of members using its quality management system over the previous year and to encourage all members to strive for higher standards of service for their customers. 

Members are assessed on their results and activities in three key areas: performance and integrity; process and degree of implementation; and contribution to the C2K community. These three main elements are weighted with the highest value placed on contribution to the C2K community, recognizing the importance that the C2K organization places on its members’ efforts towards the continued development and success of the program.