UPS Worldwide Expedited Service Expanded To More Than 220 Countries And Territories

Expansion to help UPS customers in the UK extend their global reach and balance delivery speed with cost.

John Sutthoff UPS UPS Expedited Services

UPS has announced a significant expansion of its UPS Worldwide Expedited service. By tripling the coverage area the service now provides delivery in typically two-to-five business days to more than 220 countries and territories. This expansion will help UPS customers in the UK magnify their global reach and balance delivery speed with cost, no matter where they ship.

“UPS Worldwide Expedited offers our customers a more economical, less time sensitive service that has many of the same benefits they get from our worldwide express service, including reliable and efficient door-to-door delivery, tracking visibility and quick customs clearance provided by UPS’s customs brokerage,” said John Sutthoff, UPS vice president of international marketing. “Retail and consumer goods, industrial manufacturing and high-tech industry customers are finding the service especially attractive for the reliability and visibility supported by UPS’s best in class IT and operating infrastructure.”

According to UPS, the volatile economic conditions of the last few years underscore the reason why companies should look to the global marketplace for stability and growth opportunities.

“Companies that expand beyond their domestic borders are better insulated from economic downturns at home,” said Sutthoff. “Even in today’s sluggish economy, we have customers who are growing their businesses by doing what UPS did decades ago – going global.”