Saudi Cargo Sets All Time Record In 2012

The airline’s success represents a landmark achievement for the Saudi-based cargo carrier.

Fahad Hammad Saudi Air Cargo

Saudi Airlines Cargo has achieved record annual results for 2012, posting total boarding figures of 516,000 tons, resulting in a 21 percent increase in revenue compared with the previous year.

The airline’s success, which is due to a strong economy in the KSA, represents a landmark achievement for the Saudi-based cargo carrier. “2012 has been our most successful year to date,” commented Fahad Hammad, CEO of Saudia Cargo.“This is largely due to a very strong Q4, which has resulted in a total annual growth in revenue of 21 percent versus 2011.”

“We have achieved growth in all of the regions in which we are active,” he continued. “Our volumes from Europe have increased by 47 percent and from Greater China/Hong Kong by 21 percent. Likewise, volumes from the UAE have risen by 51 percent and from Bangladesh by 72 percent.”

It is a similar picture for volumes from the network into other markets, with volumes into KSA increasing by 22 percent and into Africa by 35 percent. Volumes from all regions into Europe also rose by 43 percent.

Saudi Airlines Cargo operates scheduled freighter services with 13 freighters and sells the bellycapacity on 145 passenger aircraft for Saudi Arabia’s flag carrier Saudia spanning a rapidly expanding global network of 225 destinations. The cargo airline also provides cost-effective and practical worldwide charter flight solutions from a growing fleet of dedicated charter aircraft