2GO Unveils Improved Cargo Service

Improved lead time defined service guarantees shippers delivery of cargo to five selected ports within four days.

2GO Express cargo tracking LCL Supreme scanning

2GO Express, a cargo forwarding company under 2GO Group, has unveiled LCL Supreme, the improved lead-time defined service that guarantees 2GO Express shippers the delivery of their cargo to five selected ports within four days after actual vessel departure.

The cargo forwarder aims to revitalize and improve the service starting with the ports of Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, Dumaguete and Cagayan. Certain ports may be added as operations continue to work on normalizing and improving vessel schedules.

All other ports will be served under the new LCL Regular service which guarantees delivery within seven to nine days after acceptance for Visayas shipments and nine to 12 days after acceptance for Mindanao shipments.

The services will come with the usual add-on services that 2GO Express gives its shippers.

The add-on services include tagging to properly indicate your cargoes port of destination, scanning to ensure shippers can track where the cargo is while on transit, stuffing to relieve the hassles of having to get cargo out of the container and stripping to give shippers hassle free pick up of cargoes in 2GO’s warehouse.

Shippers also have the choice of pick up and delivery at an additional cost, while inquiries are also handled by 2GO’s customer interaction center.