Lufthansa cargo to induct B777s in 2013

Carrier hopes European air freight market will recover

Andreas Otto B777 European air freight market Lufthansa Cargo MD-11 reduce capacity slowdown world economy

Lufthansa’s cargo wing has projected the growth of the European air freight market by 2-3 per cent next year as the world economy recovers from the slowdown. In fact, the international carrier is going to have profits for the third year primarily because it has been able to reduce capacity earlier than the others in 2011.   

Lufthansa Cargo will be inducting two B777s in 2013 and Andreas Otto, executive board member, product and sales, expects the market to recover quicker that the forecasts by analysts. Two of the carriers MD-11s have been taken out of service but will be sent back to active duty “as soon as the market begins to come back”.