Legal action possible against EU members

Non-compliance to ‘single European sky’ deadline

27 national airspace sectors air traffic control system December 4 deadline EU European Union legal action member nations Single European Sky Slim Kallas

The European Union (EU) transport commissioner Slim Kallas has said that he would take legal action against member nations that have failed to put their national air traffic control systems into a “single European sky”. Kallas sent out his warning after a number of EU nations missed the December 4 deadline of meshing the 27 national airspace sectors into nine units. Kallas said that “a critical deadline has been missed. There is no option but to strongly enforce EU law”.

The present system comprises 650 sections that is operated by 60 air traffic control systems. These are managed by national governments with little or no coordination between each other. As a result, this costs airlines an additional $6.5 billion a year, according to the European Commission.