China’s Shun Feng Airlines plans to expand fleet

Carrier’s tonnage will be more than 600,000 tonnes this year

25 planes 450000 tonnes chairman Li Dongqi Shenzhen Donghai Airlines Shun Feng Airlines Yangtze River Express Airlines

Private Chinese cargo airline, Shun Feng Airlines, has chalked out plans to enhance its fleet from the present seven aircraft to more than 25 planes, according to chairman Li Dongqi. This, at a time, when exports from China have slowed down considerably.

Shun Feng’s planes carried 450,000 tonnes last year with the figure jumping up to more than 600,000 tonnes this year. The carrier has agreements with domestic cargo carriers like Shenzhen Donghai Airlines and Yangtze River Express Airlines, for the lease of cargo aircraft for charter services. It is presently negotiating with China’s big three airlines for similar agreements.