China Airlines expands freighter service to Chennai

Taiwan-based China Airlines Cargo has expanded its maindeck service offering to the Indian city of Chennai from 16 May.

B747-400F CAL Chennai China Airlines Cargo Taiwan

Taiwan-based China Airlines Cargo – operator of one of the world’s largest B747-400F fleets – has expanded its maindeck service offering to the Indian city of Chennai with a twice weekly B747-400F service from 16 May.

China Airlines said it plans to develop this market by extending Kuala Lumpur to Europe routes to strengthen the European services and by balancing allocation of capacity resources among in Europe and America.



The flight departs Taipei on Wednesday & Sunday morning, en-route to Kuala Lumpur, Chennai and Luxembourg before returning to Taipei.

“This service will provide shippers more choices for cargo in/out India and decrease cargo transit time between East Asia to India, as well as India to Europe,” China Airlines said. And it added that by connecting its regional network at Kuala Lumpur, it also enables customers in Indonesia to promote same day arrival service for their Europe-bound cargo.

China Airlines suspended its freighter services to Delhi in March due to poor loads. “In the past, Delhi was the hub for us. However, today, it is Chennai, which has emerged as a strong hub due to the presence of large manufacturing units, including mobile phones,” said Brian Chou, senior vice-president China Airlines Cargo. He also said that if the tonnages from Chennai increased, the carrier would introduce another flight a week.