Air India pilots strike continues

Despite court orders, pilots refuse to join duties

250 pilots sick Air India Ajit Singh discussions Dreamliner flight cancellations Indian Pilots Guild pilots strike third day

Air India’s striking pilots — around 250-odd owing allegiance to the now-derecognised Indian Pilots Guild (IPG) — have reported sick despite the pressures from the government and the court. Result: Of the 50 international flights, 18 from Delhi and Mumbai have been cancelled today.  

Yesterday, the Delhi High Court declared the strike illegal. This morning, civil aviation minister Ajit Singh told reporters that the government was ready for a discussion with pilots but in turn they would have to follow the High Court order and join duties. The pilots have struck work because the commitments made to them about promotions have not been kept. In addition, they do not want the erstwhile Indian Airlines’ pilots – Air India and the domestic carrier Indian Airlines were merged in 2007 —  to be trained to fly Boeing Dreamliners joining the fleet this month.