Air France cargo to reduce freighter strength to four

Move to bring in efficiency and cut losses

Air France Cargo Air France-KLM Cargo cut losses enhance efficiency KLM Cargo Martinair

Air France has decided to bring down its freighter capacity from five to four. The move is an effort to shed losses and enhance efficiency: Q1 losses of Air France-KLM cargo loss was $88.4 million. The carrier is planning to dispose one of its three B747-400s. In addition, the cargo division “will step up efforts initiated three years ago to reduce costs and improve economic performance”, according to Air France, and will integrate with KLM Cargo and Martinair more closely.

Over the years, while Air France Cargo has gradually transferred its freighters to Martinair, KLM Cargo too has reduced its freighter strength to two 747-400s and sent its cargo planes to the Martinair fleet that now has six B747-400s and seven MD-11 freighters.