Spreading the word of correct ULD procedures

Extending an awareness of the importance of correct ULD operational procedures to the far reaches of the air cargo global operation remained the main challenge of the 2011 World Cargo Symposium (WCS) ULD track earlier this year.


At the 2011 symposium, which brought together key air cargo representatives for a series of meetings, program tracks and workshops to discuss and resolve issues of concern to the industry, the main focus was on reviewing progress made since the 2010 world cargo symposium when IATA announced an initiative to put ULD back in the mainstream.

“In the subsequent 12 months an enormous amount has been achieved in terms of establishing a better basis and foundation for eff ective ULD operations,” Bob Rogers, vice president Asia-Pacific at Nordisk Aviation Products, part of the Telefl ex Aerospace group.

In the last 12 months since the previous symposium, track members dealt with defi ning what is necessary to take this essential part of the air cargo industry forward, ensuring not only best business practices but also regulatory compliance, with the latter being of increasing importance to many airlines, he said.

“With so many non-airline thirdparty operators such as ground handlers, cargo terminal operators, trucking service providers and freight forwarders all moving/storing/loading ULD on a 24/7 basis, in different languages and cultural environments, there is a widespread lack of basic awareness that a ULD is actually a piece of aircraft equipment that provides a fl ight safety function and so requires to be operated in accordance with certain rules and procedures,” Rogers said.