Focus on right product and right capacity

Emirates SkyCargo could ask for a bigger gift – shelves are surely bursting with awards. While some are no doubt a tribute to its ample advertising budget, a very healthy number are a result of not just satisfied customers, but happy customers. While the Dubai-based carrier has come under fire from accusations by carriers in Europe and North America, it clearly has a successful formula that reverberates through not just its passenger division, but its highly regarded cargo division as well.


Part of SkyCargo’s success must be attributed to the commitment of its personnel, which cargo industry veteran and head of Emirates SkyCargo, Ram Menen paid tribute to in accepting a recent award. Speaking about the downturn and its effects on the air cargo sector, Menen told Payload Asia that “the comeback was pretty quick.”

“When you look at what happened in the 1930s – the Great Depression – it took around 15 years at that time and a World War to get out of that. This time around the severity of the recession was more [than the 30’s] if not equal … but the reality is that the business bounced back in 12-15 months rather than 15 years”.

Along with the recovery, Emirates SkyCargo too, moved ahead. In 2010, the carrier launched 10 new routes, including four freighter services – to Almaty, Bagram, Campinas and Erbil. In 2011, a service to Basra was launched this February while a connection to Geneva started in June and by the time this issue comes out in print, Copenhagen would have been added to the carrier’s long list. Come January 2012, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires will be seen on Emirates’ stations. The cargo division presently has a dozen cargo-only destinations around the world in addition to the Emirates global network spanning 111 destinations in 66 countries.