Nordisk ramps up capacity to meet demand

Due to the rapidly changing trends in the Asian air cargo industry, Nordisk, which has been present in mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore since 2004, is ramping up its capacity to meet the increased demand and activities in the region. Wong Joon San reports.

According to Frode Ljoterud, president of Nordisk Aviation Products, the air cargo market in Asia and China did not face the same dramatic decline as faced by other industries and had picked up faster than any other regions where Nordisk is represented. “Nordisk management had anticipated a noticeable incline in business end (of) Q1 and beginning Q2 of 2010, which turned out to be correct,” he said. “General cargo activity became strong in second and third quarter and with soaring fuel prices, we saw a renewed focus on weight saving through 2010 and weight reduction is continuing to be a hot topic in 2011,” he added. While the global economic arena was raging with all kinds of challenges and crises, Nordisk has managed the world economic crises well and came out of 2010 with a 50 per cent increase in revenue to 2009 and a signifi cant lower expense side supporting a fair contribution at year end 2010. Leaner & efficient As equipment weight is a major concern for all airlines, any weight savings on commercial aircraft can be directly translated into fuel cost savings and/or increased revenue by taking on additional cargo. Taking advantage of the downturn, Nordisk managed to come out leaner and more efficient while maintaining its competence base and simultaneously being able to launch the world’s lightest certified AKE ULD in July of 2009. Nordisk Ultralite AKE container which at 55 kg is the world’s lightest certifi ed LD3 (AKE) container. “In light of the industry’s increased focus on weight saving and with the recent introduction of the Nordisk TwinLite AKE and Nordisk AluLite AKE to complement our lightweight container series, Nordisk is well positioned to benefi t from long-term aerospace trends,” Ljoterud said. Nordisk’s latest innovation is the super light Nordisk Ultralite AKE (LD3) container, which offers a weight reduction of around 25 per cent per container, compared to traditional aluminum containers. Trends Asked about industry trends that Nordisk is seeing following the Japan earthquake in March and the relocation of industries from China to other parts of Asia like Vietnam, he said the most significant trend is that China is expanding its business territory. “Among other businesses, they have put themselves on the map as the most rapidly growing air cargo carrier nation in the world and we will be seeing their increasing dominance within commercial airlines business and related services on a worldwide basis in the coming future,” Ljoterud said.