May 2011

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  • The crusading captain

    Charismatic and passionate, Captain Gopinath made his mark on the Indian aviation market by pioneering India’s first true low cost carrier – Air Deccan – following his dream of enabling “every Indian to fly at least once in his/her lifetime”. Next on his agenda, a role in Indian politics and a new logistics business.... Read More


  • Cargo market improving but changes afoot

    Air cargo industry leaders have expressed "cautious confidence" in the recovery of the air cargo market, according to a recent survey of 30 CEOs of top global air cargo companies by consultancy firm Oliver Wyman. The survey revealed that the recovery in the air cargo market is still fragile and subject to far-reaching changes as a result of last year's crisis. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • Jade aims to turn Chengdu into key cargo hub

    In early December Jade Cargo inked a strategic cooperation agreement with the Chengdu Municipal Government to help turn the province into an important aviation hub for Central and Western China. The airline plans to adopt a three-prong strategy to make Chengdu Shuangliu Airport a spring-board into Europe. Wong Joon San reports from Chengdu.... Read More

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  • Airlines, forwarders livid over TSA move

    An emergency amendment to security measures, issued by the US Transportation Security Agency (TSA) in early March, has prompted furious reactions from the airline industry and has further soured an already tense relationship between the US agency and the international air cargo industry with many saying that the US agency is simply not interested in a serious dialogue with the industry. By Nol van Fenema.... Read More
  • Industry agrees to breathe life into e-freight

    Speakers at a dedicated e-freight session of the IATA WCS pointed out that, with the exception of a number of key carriers and airports, progress toward total e-freight implementation had been slow and not progressed as much as expected. By Nol van Fenema.... Read More
  • IATA lays out competitiveness agenda

    The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has laid out an agenda for the air cargo value chain to improve its competitiveness with a four point agenda. "The air cargo value chain must offer better quality and improved efficiency with operations that are safer and even more secure," said Giovanni Bisignani, IATA's director general and CEO, in his opening remarks to 900 air cargo executives gathered in Istanbul for the IATA World Cargo Symposium.... Read More

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Ground Handling

FREIGHTER Supplement

  • AEI selects fourth conversion centre

    Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI), has announced that it has selected Commercial Jet’s (CJ’s) new 400,000 square-foot facility at the Dothan Regional Airport (DHN) in Dale County, Alabama as its fourth AEI Authorized Conversion Center (AACC). Commercial Jet’s Alabama facility will provide B737-300SF,B737- 400SF and MD80SF Passenger to Freighter Conversions and Maintenance for AEI customers.... Read More
  • Pemco to double B737-300 P2Fs

    Pemco World Air Services has said it will likely double its P2F freighter conversion of Boeing 737-300 and -400 aircraft and soon will announce a programme for a new 737 variant, according to Kevin Casey, president of the Tampa, Florida based conversion and maintenance company.... Read More
  • B757 feedstock for conversions hits sweetspot

    After a long hard winter that’s lasted for a few years, the conversion market for Precision Conversions’ niche area of B757-200 passenger to freighter and passenger to combi looks finally set to turn. And the timing couldn’t be better – record levels of feedstock are beginning to flow. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • Freighters: Going the way of the dinosaurs?

    With ongoing global economic lethargy causing continued stagnation in air cargo markets and new capacity mostly in the form of passenger bellies, continuously being added, many have questioned the long term viability of freighters. But a recent industry panel comprised of key executives from all-cargo carriers, combination carriers and a freight forwarder, unanimously agreed freighters are here to stay, but that a market correction – possibly with casualties – is inevitable. Donald Urquhart reports from Hong Kong.... Read More



    Russia intends to boost its relations with APAC countries with the aim to increase their share in Russia’s foreign trade turnover up to at least 50%. This ambitious goal was announced by the First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov not long before the recent APEC summit in Vladivostok.... Read More

EUROPEAN air cargo Supplement

  • Garuda and Jan de Rijk team up in Europe

    Together with it’s expanding fleet, Garuda looks to expand its flight network to Europe and Jan de Rijk will provide trucking services to redistribute cargo to the rest of the European cities.... Read More
  • Embracing innovation and new technology

    It looks like it’s a general consensus amongst the various sectors in the air cargo industry that the existing business models are stagnating because of the resistance to change. In essence, there needs to be an overhaul to embrace new technology – and fast.... Read More
  • Brescia on the cusp of a new era

    At the recent Air Cargo Europe even, amidst the vibrancy of the atmosphere, few significant deals were reached. One of these deals that might just turn out to be untapped goldmine is the Brescia airport which has signed an agreement with Vector Aviation to have cargo flights from Saigon to Brescia.... Read More
  • AF-KLM-Martinair press on with transformation

    After recording major losses over the past few years, Air France-KLM Martinair Cargo looks to bounce back and the progress it has been making is seemingly steady.... Read More

ULD & Perishables Supplement

  • AmSafe Bridport ‘nets’ KLM contract

    AmSafe Bridport has been awarded KLM Cargo’s prestigious Supplier Award in appreciation of an outstanding contribution to the success of their operational activities following the signing of a five year contract to replace all existing KLM / Martinair cargo pallet nets with a lighter more environmentally friendly product.... Read More
  • Korean Air awarded QEP cert in Americas

    Korean Air Cargo has received accreditation from the active temperature-controlled air cargo container manufacturer, Envirotainer, as a Qualified Envirotainer Provider (QEP) in eight stations in the US and South America.... Read More
  • India’s cool-chain logistics needs upgrading

    One of the major obstacles that India’s perishable industry faces is poor logistics. Air cargo stakeholders never fail to point out the losses due to infrastructure – or rather the lack of it – that have now become an indispensible part of the perishable transport business. And with many authorities bringing in stringent regulations for safe and secure conditions during transport and delivery of medical supplies and pharma products, there is an urgent need to upgrade the provision of cold-chain services in India. Manfred Singh reports from New Delhi... Read More
  • CHEP sees dichotomy in the current market

    While there is simply no escaping the negative impact of an air cargo market so flat, it makes the Sahara Desert look positively hilly, but tough times also force often much needed change and a focus on efficiencies. For CHEP Aerospace Solutions, a recognised leader in Unit Load Device (ULD) management and maintenance outsourcing, the prolonged downturn in the industry has had varying impacts. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • Nordisk’s newest ULD fights fire and sheds kgs

    AAR subsidiary, Nordisk, has unveiled its lightest cargo container with advanced fire resistance capabilities – at a full 30 per cent lighter than aluminum containers and up to six hours of fire containment. Manfred Singh reports.... Read More



Typhoon Haiyan Relief

  • Air cargo comes to the aid of typhoon-devastated Philippines

    The air cargo industry – from carriers, charter brokers, logistics and express companies and others – quickly stepped up and mounted a nearly unprecedented uplift of urgently needed aid to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), which devasted a large swath of the central Philippines with sustained winds of up to 196 km/h and gusts up to 270 km/h.... Read More

AFAAPPAAA 57th Assembly of Presidents

  • AAPA widens scope while promoting Asian voice

    The Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) has expanded its scope of countries whose international airlines are eligible to join as it seeks to promote the development of a more vocal and unified Asian voice in global regulatory affairs. Donald Urquhart reports from Hong Kong.... Read More


  • Miami reports 6.2% rise in Oct cargo volume

    Miami International Airport (MIA) reports that it handled a total of 154,352 tonnes of cargo in October 2013, a 6.2 per cent increase compared with the same month in 2012. The airport, which serves over 80 airlines flying to 150 destinations worldwide, handled 1.38 million tonnes of cargo between January and October, up 1.6 per cent compared with the same period in 2012.... Read More
  • American Airlines-US Airways merger completed

    AMR Corporation and US Airways Group, Inc. announced in early December the completion of their merger to officially form American Airlines Group Inc. and begin building the new American Airlines.... Read More
  • Modest growth, brighter skies for Air Canada

    The outlook for Air Canada is looking cautiously brighter although it is hard to quantify how much of an improvement they are seeing especially with significant new capacity coming on line. The first improvement is that the traditional end of season rush is happening and is compatible with previous years.... Read More
  • Edmonton International shifts into cargo high gear

    The coming year will see Edmonton International Airport (EIA) consolidate a strong ongoing performance and enhance it with some new hardware and software.... Read More
  • Global Aviation Holdings files for Chapter 11

    Global Aviation Holdings – the parent company of North American Airlines and World Airways – and the largest commercial provider of charter air services to the US Military and a major provider of worldwide commercial charter services, has filed for US Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company said it intends to continue operations during the process.... Read More
  • UTi Worldwide continues with transformation

    UTi Worldwide – a global, non-asset-based supply chain services and solutions provider – continues with its transformation efforts which includes the deployment of a new freight-forwarding operating system.... Read More
  • PANYNJ to boost streamlined goods movement

    The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) has a long-term strategic plan to enhance regional capacity and, among others, to foster a streamlined goods movement network for faster and more reliable delivery; maintain and modernise existing facilities to ensure safety, security and environmental responsibility. It also aspires to engage its regional partners in the creation of plans, policies and investments that will provide a significantly improved quality of transportation services for regional businesses.... Read More
  • Rickenbacker sits pretty with growing int’l cargo

    Ohio’s Rickenbacker International Airport has logged the kind of growth rates, double figures in some sectors, that most in the air cargo industry can only dream of, although some other changes have worked against so stellar a performance being seen across the board. That said the airport will only break even overall for the year. But is a very interesting breaking even. “This year we... Read More

FIATA World Congress 2013

  • SAAA expands membership base and refocuses

    The Singapore Aircargo Agents Association (SAAA) has undergone a significant organisational change with a major expansion of its membership base in order to become the main industry body for the entire air cargo and aviation community in Singapore.... Read More
  • Shippers, forwarders to reap most from e-freight

    Delegates at Fiata’s World Congress in Singapore heard how shippers would gain 70 per cent of the productivity and cost savings generated by the implementation of e-freight, according to a study by the Logistics Institute of Asia Pacific, while forwarders would gain 27 per cent of the benefits.... Read More
  • IATA chief urges closer cooperation

    Marking the first time in a decade that an IATA director general has addressed the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) annual World Congress, Tony Tyler, IATA’s current director general, urged forwarders to collaborate with airlines to help boost the struggling air freight business. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More

Air Cargo & Logistics Asia

  • Mending the broken pharma cold chain

    Despite the critical nature of the drugs being handled and transported from one part of the world to another, everyone involved in the pharma cold chain agrees that there are still no enforceable documents and no standardisation of the rules when it comes to pharmaceutical transport. Moreover, executives from the freight and logistics industries say the pharma cold chain remains “broken” and that shippers see airports as the weakest links in the chain. Stephan Las Marias reports.... Read More


Market Update


IATA World Cargo Symposium

  • 8th WCS emphasis on E-Freight and quality agenda

    The 8th World Cargo Symposium (WCS) concluded in Los Angeles on 13 March with new initiatives to improve the efficiency and quality of global air freight.... Read More
  • IATA releases lithium battery guidelines

    With concern rising rapidly across the airline industry over the safety of transporting lithium batteries the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has just released the first edition of the Lithium Battery Shipping Guidelines (LBSG) providing comprehensive guidance on how to safely ship lithium batteries and products containing Lithium batteries.... Read More
  • Modal shift denting growth: Seabury-IATA

    Air cargo has lost a lot of ground to ocean,” said Gert-Jan Jansen, head of Seabury Cargo Advisory in detailing the results a new study undertaken by Seabury the and International Air Transport Association.... Read More
  • A clarion call to cut two days from transit time

    The International Air Transport Association (IATA) commenced its 8th World Cargo Symposium in Los Angeles with an industry-wide call for the average end-to-end transit time to be cut by up to 48 hours by the end of the decade.... Read More
  • FedEx’s Smith warns on future of air cargo

    Speaking at the Opening Plenary of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) World Cargo Symposium 2014 in Los Angeles in mid-March, FedEx founder, chairman and CEO Fred Smith gave a nod to the event’s theme – ‘Transformation through Innovation’ saying it was particularly relevant given that the air cargo industry “is in the midst of a profound transformation that requires new ways of thinking about our future.” Donald Urquhart reports from Los Angeles.... Read More


  • e-AWB push continues with new initiatives

    The international e-AWB penetration in February is up by 0.6 per cent, however the last two month performance has remained flat in part due to Chinese New Year, which impacted Asian markets, where e-AWB penetration is high, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has said in its latest update.... Read More

GSA/GSSA Supplement

  • GSA sector still developing in Asia

    Although the general sales agents (GSA) industry in Hong Kong is developing, it is not as popular as in western countries, such as in Europe, says Johnson Ma, general manager of Antares International, which is the Hong Kong GSA of American Airlines Cargo. Wong Joon San has the story.... Read More
  • ECS Group foresees big boost from ASEAN

    Even as air freight continues to grow – ever so slowly – yields remain weak largely due to excess capacity. It is in such conditions that many carriers around the world want to focus on their core activity – transporting cargo and passengers – and reduce operating costs making it an ideal market for GSAs. For the ECS Group, the coming Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) economic community will also herald significant changes for the market. Manfred Singh reports.... Read More
  • Global reach with the right people is key: ALG

    The future for GSAs is bright according to Stephen Dawkins, COO and Founder of Air Logistics Group (ALG). Tough times see airlines increasing their outsourcing in a bid to cut costs and share risk which bodes well for GSA/GSSAs such as Dawkins who have the global reach and experienced people on the local ground. Michael Mackey reports.... Read More
  • ATC growing by leaps and bounds

    Ingo Zimmer CEO of ATC Aviation is a remarkably confident man given the generally weak state of the air cargo markets. “Recently I am very much positive and I am not feeling threatened by market conditions,” he said in a phone interview with Payload Asia. Michael Mackey has the story.... Read More



ULD & Cold Chain Supplement

Express & Mail Supplement

  • E-commerce fuelling China express demand

    As China moves further up the ladder to improve the quality of its manufactured products through greater value-added services and enhancing the reliability of delivery, the increase in the need for express delivery providers in the country, both domestically and internationally, is growing day-by-day. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • E-commerce: Certain impact, uncertain direction

    That e-commerce is impacting the express and mail segments of air cargo is beyond dispute, but opinions vary greatly as to by how much and what the end result will be, with most agreeing it would be most unwise to underestimate its impact. Michael Mackey reports.... Read More


  • Hong Kong’s GSAs face many challenges

    While Hong Kong remains a good market for GSA/GSSAs, challenges from other markets including the southern China mainland could impinge upon this in the longer term. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • Key exec changes at HK Airport Authority

    While the issue of Hong Kong International Airport’s third runway is coming to a boil, the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) has undergone a major restructuring.... Read More
  • Big interest in HK’s third runway enviro study

    Submissions from companies and the general public have steadily flowed in following the Hong Kong government’s publication of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report for the Hong Kong International Airport’s (HKIA) proposed three runway system. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • Moderate growth for air cargo in 2013

    The International Air Transport Association (IATA) released full year 2013 figures showing a 1.4 per cent expansion of global freight tonne kilometres (FTKs) for the year compared to 2012.... Read More
  • Asian Leaders Summit 2014

    Leading up to the start of the Singapore Airshow the annual pre-event Asian Leaders Summit kicked off on 10 February with a focus on current aviation industry trends and regulations.... Read More
  • Liberalisation of Thai aviation market overdue

    The European ASEAN Business Centre (EABC) in Thailand has outlined obstacles to Thailand’s efforts to boost its position as an airfreight hub, in its recently published European Business Position Paper. Among the issues highlighted were market and investment access, customs reforms, abolition of the postal monopoly and the need for a more open aviation market.... Read More
  • Global cargo at 25-month high, Asia lags

    While the latest International Air Transport Association (IATA) figures show a “slowbut- steady global growth picture” with cargo Freight Tonne Kilometre (FTK) growth stabilising in September at 0.5 per cent following recent months of slow growth, Asia-Pacific saw a 3.1 per cent fall in cargo activity compared to last September.... Read More
  • Swiss restarts direct Singapore-Zurich service

    Swiss International Air Lines has returned to Singapore after an absence of four years with a new daily non-stop service between Singapore and Zurich operated with an A340-300 aircraft. The opening of Singapore also offers major opportunities for the Swiss WorldCargo business unit with 17-18 tonnes of belly capacity per flight. Donald Urquhart reports.... Read More
  • Philippines ‘sick man of Asia’ no more

    Philippines looks set to take off to greater heights in the world of logistics, but they have to get more than a few things straight beforehand, says Mark Millar.... Read More
  • IBS inks €100M Luftansa Cargo deal

    “To be chosen by an iconic airline like Lufthansa is a significant step in our endeavour to make iCargo the No.1 air cargo management solution in the world.” That was a visibly happy V K Mathews, executive chairman of the Trivandrum-based IBS Group, speaking about the tie-up with Lufthansa Cargo AG (LH). Manfred Singh reports from Trivandrum.... Read More
  • [email protected] excels at catalysing markets

    Fast-growing [email protected] is looking to grow not just its existing markets but by developing other new markets as well. These efforts not only underscore the uniqueness of Changi Airport’s dedicated cold chain facility, but the growth figures which show how fast it can catalyse new markets. By Michael Mackey.... Read More
  • ME growth props up air cargo growth figures

    Global aviation traffic results for May deteriorated along with the world’s economic situation, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). May freight demand was 1.9 per cent below previous year levels. Compared to April, the freight market contracted by 0.4 per cent.... Read More
  • ICAO comes up with three ETS alternatives

    An ICAO working group has narrowed down three options for an alternative plan to the European Union’s Emissions Trading System (ETS) for the airline industry, but nothing concrete is likely until next year.... Read More
  • India’s air cargo working group submits report

    It was December 2010 that India’s Civil Aviation Economic Advisory Council (CAEAC) decided to bring about changes in the countries air cargo sector. The industry had just weathered global recession and almost every aviation stakeholder had come to the realisation that it was cargo that brought in the money – hence the sudden emphasis on enhancing infrastructure for the sector. Manfred Singh reports.... Read More
  • India’s air cargo working group submits report

    It was December 2010 that India’s Civil Aviation Economic Advisory Council (CAEAC) decided to bring about changes in the countries air cargo sector. The industry had just weathered global recession and almost every aviation stakeholder had come to the realisation that it was cargo that brought in the money – hence the sudden emphasis on enhancing infrastructure for the sector. Manfred Singh reports.... Read More
  • Menlo adopts two-pronged China approach

    Menlo Worldwide Logistics, which specialises in the integration of all functions across the supply chain, tackles the China market utilising two major strategies: Firstly, its global experience and know-how in the international market and secondly, by riding on its well-established Mainland local operations. By Wong Joon San.... Read More
  • EDIfly looks set to fly high

    A new IT tool is making waves among carriers and ground handlers for its simplicity and ability to not only save money, but provide access to more information. By Heiner Siegmund.... Read More
  • Cargo in the crosshairs of global terror

    The recent 3rd Annual Aviation Summit in Dubai left no doubt about the security threats the air cargo sector, especially in the Middle East faces, although it did suggest some ways to deal with what is a constantly evolving problem. Michael Mackey reports from Dubai.... Read More
  • Spreading the word of correct ULD procedures

    Extending an awareness of the importance of correct ULD operational procedures to the far reaches of the air cargo global operation remained the main challenge of the 2011 World Cargo Symposium (WCS) ULD track earlier this year.... Read More
  • Nordisk ramps up capacity to meet demand

    Due to the rapidly changing trends in the Asian air cargo industry, Nordisk, which has been present in mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore since 2004, is ramping up its capacity to meet the increased demand and activities in the region. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • India acts on cargo hub dev't, Malaysia needs focus

    India, largely through private-public partnerships, is taking action to address rapidly growing demand for air cargo infrastructure, while Malaysia on the other hand needs a strategic focus to realise its air cargo potential, say air cargo executives. Wong Joon San reports from Kuala Lumpur.... Read More
  • Leisure Cargo acquires TUI bellies

    A new deal with German tour operator TUI has given Air Berlin subsidiary Leisure Cargo the responsibility since 1 April for the air freight business of all TUI member airlines, excluding French carrier Corsair, substantially boosting its cargo offering. Heiner Siegmund reports.... Read More
  • Postal performance

    Product and service innovation plus a customer focused mindset are key factors that differentiate high performers in the postal sector. By Brian Moran and Andre Pharand.... Read More
  • Emerging economies need more efficient logistics

    DHL is urging governments and regulators to decrease the administrative burden, pursue a smarter approach to customs and security, and focus on infrastructure investment to unleash the growth potential in emerging economies. Donald Urquhart reports.... Read More
  • Capacity discipline is key priority for AF-KLM Cargo

    With cargo load factors on the rise, yields improving and money flowing once again into the coffers of Air France-KLM Cargo, one would think the Champagne corks would be popping. But uncertainty still lingers heavy in the air as global economic signals are mixed and returning and new air craft capacity looms like a menacing cloud on the horizon. Donald Urquhart reports from Paris.... Read More
  • A terrible year, but it could have been worse

    Despite unveiling its worst ever loss, Lufthansa Cargo takes satisfaction from a sharp fall in costs in 2009. But fuel prices paid a key factor in that, and a question mark still hangs over the carrier’s quality model. Peter Conway reports from Frankfurt.... Read More
  • FedEx Trade Networks paints Asia purple

    In one fell swoop, FedEx Trade Networks (FTN), a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. expanded its global presence with a swath of new freight forwarding offices across Asia. Donald Urquhart reports.... Read More
  • Virgin boosts cargo capacity with new aircraft

    Despite the current global financial crisis, British entrepreneur Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic, a leading long-haul airline, has recently boosted its air cargo capacity with the announcement for a $2.1 billion order for 10 new Airbus A330-300 aircraft which will be delivered from early 2011 through 2012. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • Safi intends to strengthen Afghan cargo business

    Dozens of aircraft are flying into Afghanistan day by day, most of them freighters bringing in supplies for the many expats that are based there working as diplomats, security guards or at some of the many official missions in the war-stricken country. On their way back however, the planes usually carry nothing but air through the skies.... Read More
  • Emirates cargo boss hopes for ‘U’ shaped recovery

    It may seem contrarian, but there is at least one air cargo executive out there that does not wish for a sharp recovery in the global economy. Speaking to Payload Asia on the sidelines of the recent Air Cargo Europe event, Ram Menon divisional senior VP for Emirates SkyCargo said he hopes for a gentle recovery.... Read More
  • BIAL belly flops with Cargo Village

    From outside, the rows of freshly whitewashed rooms look very much like soldiers’ barracks. On closer inspection, they are basically small rooms with a high roof, each separated at the top with a wire mesh. Welcome to the new air cargo office/warehouse facility at the Bengaluru International Airport (BIAL).... Read More
  • China Post expands across Asia-Pac

    As Chinese companies continue to invest overseas to expand their businesses, their activity is opening up numerous opportunities for Chinese third party logistics (3PLs) providers. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • Toll aiming to make waves in Asia

    Fresh from its acquisition and integration of Hong Kong-based BALtrans Holdings, Australia¡¯s Toll Group is now setting its sights on Asia as it readies itself for substantial organic growth.... Read More
  • Viet air cargo market unstoppable

    As Vietnam's economy keeps expanding and attracting more foreign investment – surging nearly 70 per cent to a record US$20.3 billion in 2007 – dedicated cargo carriers are increasingly attracted to the northern capital of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in the south.... Read More
  • Tianjin~ The next big thing

    While much of the world¡¯s attention is focused on Beijing¡¯s new US$3 billion airport terminal, the rise of another airport some 100 km to the southeast is quietly picking up steam and attracting the likes of Lufthansa and Korean Air. Donald Urquhart reports.... Read More
  • China's first cargo airline expanding fast with pax aircraft

    China's first private sector airline has taken gracefully to the skies with a mix of cargo and passenger operations and now eyes international expansion with hopes of operating B747s to North America and Europe by 2009.... Read More
  • Shanghai Airport rapidly becoming strategic air hub

    Shanghai Airport continues to expand to meet the ever growing cargo demand with the Pudong Air Cargo Terminal Ltd (PACTL) West terminal as the latest addition hub. By Wong Joon San in Shanghai.... Read More
  • Airbus rediscovers freighters

    While the Airbus A380 freighter may be on ice for now, the European airframe maker has plenty of more freighters up its sleeve, including a possible A330-300 and A350-900 freighter.... Read More
  • Terrorists may target air cargo

    Terrorist threats to the air freight industry are mounting rapidly according to security experts.... Read More
  • Facing the challenges of China's fragmented distribution systems

    While others are struggling to cope with rising fuel surcharges and other hurdles, SITC Logistics, which has expanded into an international third party logistics services provider, is seeing excellent results in China's highly fragmented distribution system.... Read More
  • Challenging' outsourcing trend to continue

    As more and more companies are outsourcing their non-core competencies, the need for transportation providers is increasing. Edu Lopez in conversation with Vincente... Read More
  • Chinese ground handler looks to SE Asia for expansion

    Beijing Aviation Ground Services (BGS), the joint venture between Beijing-based Capital Airport Holding (CAH) and Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS), recently expanded its ground handling services in China. Now it is looking at new opportunities in Southeast Asia. Editor Nol van Fenema reports.... Read More


information technology Supplement


  • YEG: A growing force to be reckoned with

    It may not immediately strike a chord with many people, but the northern city of Edmonton in Canada’s western province of Alberta has been quietly growing its economy, based largely, but not exclusively on the oil and gas industry and this has been a windfall for the airport’s cargo group which is celebrating fi ve years of uninterrupted growth. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • Boeing (still) bullish on freighters

    Boeing projects air cargo traffic will grow at an annual rate of 4.7 per cent over the next 20 years, with global air freight traffic expected to more than double by 2033.... Read More
  • Delta optimistic on continuing market upswing

    Delta Cargo, like so many others, clocked a quiet first half of 2014 but noted an upswing in September and is optimistic the market that is currently “trending positively” in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa will continue into 2015, said Eric Wilson, director – asia cargo sales. Michael Mackey has the story.... Read More
  • Calgary scores Cathay maindeck service

    The Calgary Airport Authority has welcomed the arrival of Cathay Pacific’s B747-8 Freighter to Calgary.... Read More
  • AA Cargo focuses on a quality-imbued future

    Monday 20 October was quite simply, “a historic day” for American Airlines Cargo – historic as American Airlines Cargo president Jim Butler observed, not simply because American Airlines and US Airways reached a major milestone in their merger as the two cargo divisions combine under a single air waybill as one combined network, but also because it occurred in less than a year after the union of the two carriers. By Manfred Singh.... Read More
  • Miami continues growth with one eye on belly

    Miami International Airport (MIA) which has grown at a steady if unspectacular clip this year is preparing to add something different to its already strong intra-American position. Michael Mackey has the story.... Read More
  • Rickenbacker cargo business bustling

    It has been a busy year at Ohio’s Rickenbacker International Airport which is eagerly anticipating more of the same for 2015. Michael Mackey reports.... Read More


  • Intra-Asia growth altering networks: AAPA

    Intra-Asia cargo flows of which Asia is the end-market are growing to the extent that it is causing a shift in the structure of networks, as well as fueling growing investment in ground-based logistics across the region, according to Andrew Herdman, director general of the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA). Donald Urquhart reports from Tokyo.... Read More


  • Good times here again?

    The ‘Good Times’, perhaps ‘Better Times’ might be a better description, it appears are increasingly back, but by how much and for how much longer are lingering questions. Michael Mackey reports.... Read More
  • Airfreight confidence brighter over six months

    Confidence amongst international airfreight shippers and forwarders is down from December to January 2013 but on a positive note the forward six month view is up for the first time in eight months, according to the latest survey jointly undertaken by Stifel Nicolaus and Transport Intelligence (Ti).... Read More
  • China will continue to shape global air cargo

    China Southern Cargo’s manager of planning and strategy, business development, Huang Jianwei, gives an analysis of the air cargo market with particular reference to the Chinese market since the industry was thrown into turmoil by the 2008 global financial crisis.... Read More
  • Political unrest slows growth, Japan worrisome

    The political unrest in the Middle East and North Africa and the impact of Japan's devastating earthquake, tsunami and resultant nuclear radiation leaks have all conspired to cast a dark cloud over air cargo and passenger demand, says the International Air Transport Association (IATA). By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • New report sees recovery underway for air cargo

    Air cargo traffic should grow by about 7-10 per cent this year with a likely recovery to the pre-recession peak by 2012, says the author of a new report on the impact of the global recession on the air cargo industry. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • Asian cargo carriers doing best they can

    Asian cargo carriers have done pretty much all they can in dealing with the ongoing economic crisis that has paralysed the air cargo sector and left the industry with no visibility as to when things will recover, said the head of the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA).... Read More
  • China's air industry needs talent and integrity

    The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) recently released its annual report detailing developments, deficiencies and strategies going forward as the country overhauls its massive aviation sector.... Read More
  • Rosy future for express supply chain

    David L. Cunningham Jr., president, FedEx Express, Asia Pacific looks at the trends impacting the air cargo industry as a whole and in particular the fastest growing segment of the industry - the express sector.... Read More


  • IndiGo CarGo flying high, but under the radar

    The Rahul Bhatia-led IndiGo is often compared to the tortoise that won the race. IndiGo is steadfast in its approach and does not make a song and dance about it. As of February 2015, in addition to being India’s largest low fare carrier, it is the fastest growing low cost carrier in the world. With a market share of 37.1 per cent of the Indian skies, IndiGo is also the country’s largest airline. Manfred Singh reports.... Read More
  • Korean continues impressive maindeck renewal

    For a carrier with so much going for it and what’s more, a cargo operator buying new freighters as the rest of the industry either tries, or possibly should be trying to offload maindeck capacity, Korean Air with its current fleet of 27 wide-body freighters, is very, very modest. Michael Mackey has the story.... Read More
  • ECS Group ramps up focus on Asia and LATAM

    It was a good year last year for the Paris-headquartered general sales and service agent (GSSA), ECS Group. With an extensive, well-established network across Europe which also provides good coverage of the African growth markets and well on its way to fulfilling its next two strategic focuses – Asia and Latin America – the fact the group as a whole, broached the US$1 billion turnover mark last year, is surely more than just icing on the cake. By B. Collamat.... Read More
  • Hong Kong Airlines enjoys a cargo ‘sweet spot’

    In a contrarian move to much of the industry, up and coming cargo carrier, Hong Kong Airlines continued to add freighter capacity in 2014, bucking the headwinds with rising volumes and utilisation of both its passenger belly and maindeck capacity. Manfred Singh has the story.... Read More
  • Raya Airways takes flight from former Transmile

    With a massively trimmed route network and a realistic growth plan, Malaysia’s newest cargo carrier, Raya Airways - the rebranded Transmile Air Services now under new ownership and management - looks set for a much brighter and smoother flight path than its former incarnation. Donald Urquhart reports.... Read More
  • Changi innovates with partners in evolving market

    With a still uncertain outlook for the global airfreight sector which has seen Changi Airport’s cargo throughput grow only marginally this year over the same period last year, the air hub remains committed to supporting its airline partners as it pursues new growth opportunities. Michael Mackey reports.... Read More
  • Leipzig/Halle flourishes with mix of niche clients

    It may be lacking in cargo generating manufacturing outside its doorstep and certainly the lack of passenger connectivity and related belly cargo limits its appeal for some carriers, but all this is more than made up for by its keen logistics focus, ability to easily expand and most of all, 24/7 unrestricted access. Donald Urquhart has the story.... Read More
  • Thai Cargo moves cautiously, focuses on Asia

    Thai Airways Cargo will cautiously introduce new services into the market as it waits for the world economy to show sustained signs of growth and Thailand’s overheated politics to cool down. Michael Mackey reports from Bangkok.... Read More
  • Blue Dart confident of its network and strategy

    Fresh from picking up the Regional Express Provider of the Year award at the annual Payload Asia Awards 2013, Blue Dart Express, India’s leading domestic integrated express company says it’s confident its unique air network and outsourced ground delivery service is well placed to ride out the current economic malaise and continue its growth track as the economy recovers. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • Challenging the (conversion) status quo

    It may seem unrealistic in today’s market; taking a new, unconventional and as yet unproven wide-body freighter conversion concept to a market that continues to see existing freighters parked, new-build freighter deferments and cancellations, not to mention an existing wide body conversion market practically in moth balls. But for Low Cost Freighter (LCF) Conversions the offering provides a viable and much cheaper option than currently available.... Read More
  • CHAMP ramps up in Asia

    CHAMP Cargosystems is to step up its presence in Asia through organic growth and acquisitions, its chief executive officer, John Johnston told Payload Asia on the sidelines of the 2013 Air Transport IT Summit in Brussels. By Michael Mackey.... Read More
  • Swissport keen on Asian expansion

    With its formidable presence in more than 85 airports around the world and handling in excess of 3.5 million tonnes of cargo annually, Swissport Cargo Services has a fairly major blank spot on its world map. Although it has cargo operations in Korea and Japan, nowhere else in Asia does the Swiss ground handler have cargo operations and this is something it’s keen to remedy by promoting its high level of service standards. Michael Mackey has the story.... Read More
  • A shifting cargo paradigm?

    Set against the backdrop of the ongoing depressed cargo market, massive widebody belly capacity flooding into the market over the next couple of years and a very difficult time for all-freighter operators, industry executives at the Payload Asia Conference 2012 discussed whether the current cargo paradigm is still valid. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • Envirotainer sharpens Asia focus

    Envirotainer has turned a keen eye on Asia through the opening of its Asian headquarters in Singapore recently, as part of its growth strategy to tap the dynamic and rapidly growing pharmaceutical manufacturing sector across the region. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • Atlas Air flourishing in challenging times

    As far as the air cargo industry goes, Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings occupies a rare patch of ground. It has the enviable position of seeing demand for its solutions whether the global economy and hence the air cargo industry, be sky-high or down in the dumps as it currently is. Donald Urquhart has the story.... Read More
  • Atlas Air flourishing in challenging times

    As far as the air cargo industry goes, Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings occupies a rare patch of ground. It has the enviable position of seeing demand for its solutions whether the global economy and hence the air cargo industry, be sky-high or down in the dumps as it currently is. Donald Urquhart has the story.... Read More
  • Panalpina puts new focus on intra-Asia trade

    Panalpina is set to reopen a regional office in Singapore not so much to remedy a currently tough air freight market but to move the company towards a more local, more Asian approach as it seeks to better tap the intra-Asian trade. Michael Mackey reports.... Read More
  • Panalpina puts new focus on intra-Asia trade

    Panalpina is set to reopen a regional office in Singapore not so much to remedy a currently tough air freight market but to move the company towards a more local, more Asian approach as it seeks to better tap the intra-Asian trade. Michael Mackey reports.... Read More
  • Garuda steps up its cargo game

    It appears a new era of well-founded optimism has descended on Garuda Indonesia, in part coinciding with solid and ongoing economic growth with the country’s gross domestic product forecast to grow about 6 per cent in 2012, largely driven by rising domestic consumption and a commodities boom. With a cautiously ambitious route expansion and fleet renewal now unfolding, the carrier expects to have a fleet of 194 aircraft by 2015, of which three will be freighters, marking the airline’s first foray into the maindeck market. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • Lufthansa Cargo “cautiously optimistic”

    The year 2011 was a very eventful year for the air cargo industry noted Lufthansa Cargo chairman and CEO Karl Ulrich Garnadt kicking off the division’s annual results press conference.... Read More
  • Ethiopian Cargo to fly solo

    The Ethiopian carrier is following a model utilised by a number of other global carriers in which strategic business segments like the Passenger Airline Group, Logistics, MRO, Catering or IT Services are spunoff and then act on their own under the umbrella of the overall Group.... Read More
  • Air Canada taps network to offset Asia decline

    Those peering into their crystal balls hope 2012 will be a better year for air cargo, but executives at Air Canada Cargo (ACC) are being realistic.... Read More
  • UPS expansions defy world economic woes

    In fact, not only is the package and freight giant aiming high for the next few years, it is also gearing up for what it expects to be one of its best peak seasons despite a clear lethargy that much of the general air cargo industry is experiencing.... Read More
  • Small size, but big ambitions for Lao Airlines

    Lao Airlines – the government-owned, national airline of Laos – is planning to build up its small cargo operation incrementally despite financial, facility and equipment limitations. Michael Mackey reports from Vientiane.... Read More
  • Focus on right product and right capacity

    Emirates SkyCargo could ask for a bigger gift – shelves are surely bursting with awards. While some are no doubt a tribute to its ample advertising budget, a very healthy number are a result of not just satisfied customers, but happy customers. While the Dubai-based carrier has come under fire from accusations by carriers in Europe and North America, it clearly has a successful formula that reverberates through not just its passenger division, but its highly regarded cargo division as well.... Read More
  • Virgin Atlantic Cargo flies under the radar

    When it comes to Virgin Atlantic there is probably little need for any introduction. Famous for its off-beat humour in its advertising and seeming irreverence for all things established, its clever marketing led by enigmatic boss Richard Branson has firmly established it in the minds of most air passengers. Its cargo division on the other hand, leads a far more low-key existence, but one that never-the-less has established it as a solid quality player in the industry. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • Maximus oportunitas for Maximus Air Cargo

    Everything is possible' seems to be the unofficial tag line at the heavyweight- and outsize-focused, Maximus Air Cargo. And while the carrier still retains its heavy lift speciality which was the raison d'être for its creation nearly six years ago as one of its core focuses, it has gone on to diversify into the wet leasing realm. But Maximus appears intent on spreading its wings much further as it eyes what it sees as numerous opportunities to leverage its wide-ranging expertise.... Read More
  • National expands Asian commercial focus

    "The world just became a smaller place. National is ready and able to complete any mission, anytime, anywhere." That tag line put beside what Preston Murray, president and CEO, National Air Cargo often likes to say: "Our mantra is big, heavy, ugly, and fast, so we look for industries that have that kind of requirement", encapsulates what the 25-year old freight forwarding and airlift company is doing best. Manfred Singh has the story.... Read More
  • Cargolux flies high on recovery and new fleet

    To say the last couple of years have been trying times for the air cargo industry would clearly be an understatement and no carrier's experience more typifies these trials than Luxembourg-based maindeck cargo carrier Cargolux. Donald Urquhart reports.... Read More
  • Turkish Airlines intensifies cargo focus

    Ten years ago, Turkish Airlines was a budding passenger carrier with 75 aircraft, but in that time much has changed. Driven by demand its fleet has doubled to 150 and realising the significant scope for its air cargo business, the carrier has started to build up cargo capacity via its cargo unit, Turkish Cargo.... Read More
  • Jet Airways holds onto its cargo ambitions

    India's Jet Airways has not given up its idea of starting a dedicated cargo carrier and the carrier's low-profile VP Cargo, Jay B Shelat told Payload Asia: "Jet's cargo ambitions as a dedicated freight carrier remain on hold. The business is being analysed. Once the market conditions and the environment improves, we will take another look." Manfred Singh has the story.... Read More
  • Toll on a roll as it snaps up M&A opportunities

    The global economic crisis of 2009 may have wreaked economic havoc, but it did have its good points. It has weeded out the weak from the strong in the logistics industry, allowing larger and well-managed companies like the Toll Group to take advantage of merger and acquisition (M&A) opportunities. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • Bahrain offers a cargo oasis

    Although there’s no shortage of air cargo options in the Middle East, Bahrain International Airport (BIA) could be the next cargo oasis. Karen E. Thuermer explains why.... Read More
  • EVA Air accelerates from parking to expansion

    While Japan Airlines has announced its intention to stop its freighter services later this year, EVA Air Cargo’s strategy for 2010 is just the opposite as the second largest Taiwanese airline has announced plans to invest in capacity to China where yield is comparatively higher than in other areas. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • TIACA reaches out to India

    The secretary general of The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) recently paid a visit to India in a bid to assess the potential for a closer working relationship with the industry. Manfred Singh speaks with TIACA’s secretary general in New Delhi.... Read More
  • Asia will contribute 40% of global trade by 2028

    Despite the temporary set-back from the global economic recession last year, three trade triangles centered on Asia are expected to contribute almost 40 per cent of global trade by 2028, according to DHL Global Forwarding. Donald Urquhart reports.... Read More
  • Geodis Wilson eyes bigger market share

    International forwarding and logistics giant Geodis Wilson, which already has its roots firmly planted in Asia, is going for a bigger slice of the region’s market, banking on an 18 to 20 per cent hike in revenues over the next two years as it makes a fresh thrust into the continent. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • Leipzig-Halle leapfrogs into the big time

    One thing is for sure. If you are an individual, winning the lottery is probably the best thing that can happen to you. But if you’re an airport, winning over a customer like DHL from an established competitor like Brussels, has got to be the absolute equivalent. And that is precisely what the hitherto virtually unknown eastern German airport of Leipzig-Halle did last year. Donald Urquhart reports from Leipzig-Halle.... Read More
  • Italy’s ‘reborn’ Cargoitalia takes to the skies

    Reborn from the ashes of two of Italy’s key air cargo carriers – Cargoitalia and Alitalia Cargo – the essentially all-new Cargoitalia has lofty ambitions of becoming the market leader in Italy and among the best in the world. Wong Joon San and Donald Urquhart report.... Read More
  • Innovation and quality pay off for Aramex

    Aramex, the Amman-based global transportation and logistics services company, is literally flying. Reason: Its net profits for the first half of 2009 stood at AED93.1 million (US$25.4 million) – a whopping 25 per cent growth over the AED74.6 million it posted in the same period 2008 and this, with the severe downturn. Manfred Singh reports.... Read More
  • Miami sees bright future alongside Latin America

    Clearly feeling the unavoidable sting of the global economic downturn, Miami International Airport is looking to late 2009 and early 2010 for a turnaround in its substantial perishables business with its long term future securely anchored in Latin American traffic.... Read More
  • Turkish Airlines keeps growth firmly in its sights

    There is no stopping Turkish Airlines.... Read More
  • YCH: On the rise in Asia

    We are well on our way to becoming the leading logistics services and supply chain management solutions company in the region, Robert Yap, chairman & CEO, YCH Group, tells Bob Gill.... Read More
  • Thai Cargo readies new business plan

    Determined not to repeat “the same story,” Thai Airways International Cargo’s new boss has energetic plans to revitalise the carriers’ beleagured cargo division to make it a signficant force in the air cargo market.... Read More
  • Macau scrambles to off-set declining business

    Faced with not only the worldwide economic downturn but the loss of direct air links between mainland China and Taiwan, Macau International Airport is facing a serious drop in its air cargo import and export business, forcing it to take pro-active action to reverse the trend.... Read More
  • Continental Cargo focuses on high yield markets

    Although market conditions continue to decline, Continental Airlines Cargo remains bullish on its key growth markets in China, Europe and Latin America, opening new routes as other carriers shrink their services.... Read More
  • Blue Dart stays on target

    Fresh from its recent award as one of "Best Under A Billion" companies listed by Forbes Asia in 2008, Blue Dart Express is now sitting tight, confident that its prudent business strategy over the last 25 years will enable it to ride out the global economic storm. Donald Urquhart reports from Bangalore, India.... Read More
  • Steady as she goes: RJ Cargo enjoying solid volumes

    While the majority of airlines the world-over struggle in the tough environment, Amman-based Royal Jordanian and its cargo division Royal Jordanian Cargo have ridden out the worst of the oil shocks and are now enjoying solid cargo traffic.... Read More
  • CEVA opens new Hong Kong freight hub

    Aiming to double its growth rate by 2010, Ceva Logistics has opened a new freight hub in Hong Kong.... Read More
  • PACTL volumes up despite enviro

    Although buoyed by the one-off Olympic games, Shanghai Pudong International Airport's main cargo terminal continues to buck the industry downtrend as it continues to enjoy growing cargo throughput.... Read More
  • Domodedovo victim of its own success?

    Successful in attracting international airlines away from Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport with top notch passenger and cargo facilities, Domodedovo International Airport may fall victim to its own successes as the Russian government moves to take back portions of it.... Read More
  • Lufthansa Cargo~ On track again

    It’s not long ago – the nineties and early years of this decade - when Lufthansa Cargo was one of the air cargo industry's brightest stars, but hard times dulled the shine – at least only temporarily.... Read More
  • Northwest slashes transpac freighters

    Close on the heels of the dramatic merger news, Northwest Airlines is slashing its transpacific freighter services, as the carrier becomes the latest victim of soaring fuel prices.... Read More
  • Fasten your seat belts, turbulence ahead

    As the global air industry begins to lose altitude after a profitable 2007, the chief of industry association IATA renews his attack on what he sees as the impediments to financial sustainability of the industry ¨C the triumvirate of the bilateral system, restrictive national ownership rules and attitude of competition authorities. Donald Urquhart r... Read More
  • ICCS reports strong airfreight growth in 2007

    With 18 cargo airlines in its fold, International Cargo Centre Shenzhen (ICCS) hopes to build on a healthy 2007 growth in throughput by tapping transhipment cargo and by forging strategic alliances. Wong Joon San has the story.... Read More
  • Surging Viet economy buoys flag carrier

    While the blue-skies of 2007 have lifted the fortunes of Vietnam Airlines, growing competition in its home market, a critical shortage of pilots and planes may signal turbulence ahead.... Read More
  • The worst of the turbulence is over for MASkargo

    A conservative expansion plan with a focus on existing routes and strategic tie-ups with other carriers will help MASkargo achieve single digit growth next year, according to the Malaysian cargo carriers' new boss.... Read More
  • The sky's the limit for Aeroflot-Cargo

    Newly independent as a subsidiary of the Aerofl ot group, Aeroflot -Cargo is moving rapidly to tap demand with new services and a modernization programme for its freighter fleet.... Read More
  • AUA Cargo is focusing on eastern traffic

    Severe losses forced the Austrian national carrier to reduce its fl eet and restructure its intercontinental network. As a consequence the results now look somehow brighter, also because AUA Cargo contributes to the turnaround by delivering solid black figures.... Read More
  • RPX Airlines expands regional alliance

    Last year's appointment as Indonesia's offi cial air cargo carrier has prompted Republik Express, which is better known as RPX Airlines, to go beyond its original set-up, a move which the company's CEO described as 'time to broaden the regional network.'... Read More
  • Cargoitalia spreads its wings

    Many start-ups focus on one or two routes to begin with. Not Cargoitalia, which has launched freighter services to 14 destinations already, with more planned. Peter Conway reports.... Read More
  • Lufthansa Cargo's new chairman in a hurry

    The German carrier's new cargo boss is an ambitious careerist, who is looking to achieve rapid results, Peter Conway reports from Frankfurt.... Read More
  • Air Atlanta's freighter dilemma

    The Iceland-based ACMI operator is excited to be getting its first B747-400Fs, but does that necessarily mean it is time to retire the -200Fs? Peter Conway analyses the dilemma.... Read More
  • DFW's focus on Asia is paying off

    With seven Asian airlines currently running 39 flights a week to and from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, plus increased interest from carriers in using DFW as a transfer hub for cargo between Latin America and Asia, DFW has become a major US hub. Karen E. Thuermer reports.... Read More


  • HAECO to convert B757s for Precision in US

    Precision Aircraft Solutions has announced its new agreement with HAECO Americas, whereby HAECO will provide touch labor on Precision’s 757-200PCF passenger-tofreighter conversions at its Greensboro, US facility.... Read More
  • Wencor buys PHS/MWA Aviation Services

    Wencor Group has acquired of PHS/MWA Aviation Services (PHS), a certified FAA/EASA repair station and provider of aircraft repair solutions in cargo and interior systems, hydraulics, and power and controls. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.... Read More
  • A330P2F on track for first delivery in 2017

    Elbe Flugzeugwerke (EFW), the EADS business unit specialised in aircraft conversions and modifications, has received the first A330 to undergo freighter conversion under the passenger-to-freighter (P2F) programme.... Read More
  • AEI reaches B737-400SF milestone

    Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI) is recently announced the delivery of its 50th B737-400SF 11 pallet position freighter conversion.... Read More
  • What is CEIV Pharma?

    The pharmaceutical industry has relied heavily on the airline industry for its speed and efficiency in transporting highvalue, time- and temperature-sensitive cargo.... Read More
  • Brussels continues CEIV community push

    With the industry’s first Centre of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV Pharma) certified community, Brussels Airport (BRU) is now embarking on the next phase of the programme, a move it believes will confirm its position as the preferred European Pharma Gateway. Donald Urquhart reports.... Read More
  • Broekman Logistics to support Cryoport in Asia

    Broekman Logistics will support Cryoport’s Operations Centre in Singapore, responding to Cryoport’s rapidly expanding client base in Asia.... Read More
  • PACTL establishes new cool chain centre

    Shanghai Pudong Int’l Airport Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd. (PACTL) is in the final stages of building a new perishable centre. The state-of-the-art facility will enable the company to provide the whole range of temperature conditions needed for handling perishables and pharmaceuticals at any time and is due to go into operation in July 2015 once it has gained IATA’s Centre of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) Certification for Pharmaceutical Logistics.... Read More
  • Coolport building Asian cold-chain network

    Singapopre’s Coolport grew last year and expects to grow again this year thanks to growing global traffic of perishables and pharmaceuticals – although not to the point it plans any expansion. Well not yet anyway. Michael Mackey reports.... Read More
  • The rise of the intra-Asia trade

    Setting the stage for the roundtable session on the intra-Asian trade, Mark Whitehead, chief executive of Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Ltd (Hactl) noted that with 4.4 billion people in Asia – comprised of 1.4 billion in China, 1.3 billion in India and 600,000 in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region – this will be major driving force for economic growth in the coming years.... Read More
  • Challenges and opportunities in air cargo

    The challenges and opportunities in the air cargo industry were a key focus of the third session of the recent Payload Asia Conference. But despite the global challenges the industry has been facing over the last few years, the panellists expressed confidence that through collaboration the industry can put itself back on the track of success. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • Zodiac raises the bar for lightweight ULDs

    With the lightest unit load device (ULD) available on the market, Zodiac Aerospace is confident of building its order book as airlines around the world adopt strict diets in a bid to shave kilos and rein in burgeoning fuel bills. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • Cargo Service Center leverages service model

    For Cargo Service Center (CSC) India Pvt Ltd, its been a evolutionary road that has seen it acquire substantial experience in cargo handling and ultimately led it to what appears to be the verge of sweet spot in the sector. Donald Urquhart reports from Mumbai.... Read More
  • Validation to meet ACC3 progressing well

    With the European Union’s ACC3 cargo security rules fast approaching the 1 July validation deadline, carriers and airports are scrambling to obtain the necessary certification, or face a ban from EU airports.... Read More
  • E-commerce set to take off in India

    With an increasing number of Indians making purchases online the e-commerce market is growing rapidly and along with it the fortunes of the air cargo sector.... Read More
  • Pharma forum identifies supply chain issues

    The need for information sharing in order to manage pharma and life science shipments throughout their transportation was one of the key conclusions of the Pharma Shippers’ Forum organised and co-hosted by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, as part of this year’s Air Cargo India event in Mumbai.... Read More
  • ASEAN and Asia will overcome challenges

    Asia is facing a turbulent economic and political situation with credit availability currently tightening against the backdrop of ongoing territorial tensions in the South China Sea and nagging environmental issues. But participants at a recent Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Asia Forum (AAF) meeting were upbeat on the region’s potential.... Read More
  • SE Asia creates sustainable fuel roadmap

    In a bid to further the goal of creating a sustainable aviation industry, policymakers, regulators, industry stakeholders and non-government organisations (NGO) gathered in Bangkok, Thailand for the South-East Asia Sustainable Aviation Fuel Initiative (SEASAFI) 2013 Workshop on Aviation Biofuel and Sustainable Agriculture.... Read More
  • Crisis management experts share best practices

    Over 100 aviation crisis management and emergency response professionals gathered in Bangkok, Thailand for the 5th AAPA Emergency Response Conference organised by the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA), and co-hosted by Thai Airways International and Bangkok Airways.... Read More
  • Myanmar looks set for air cargo growth

    Although grappling with the after effects of nearly 50 years of international isolation, the impoverished country of Myanmar is finally opening up to the world and with it a wealth of development and growth opportunities that also present opportunities for the air cargo sector, particularly the air cargo charter market as major infrastructure projects begin to pick up.... Read More
  • Politics blamed for Suvarnabhumi expansion delays

    Much needed airport expansion at Thailand’s main international gateway has been set back by political instability according to an Airports of Thailand official who says the airport will need to undertake both phase two and three expansion plans simultaneously if the airport is to keep up with demand growth. By Wong Joon San in Bangkok.... Read More
  • Hyderabad aims to be first dedicated cargo hub

    “We are the best-kept secret in the international air cargo community,” says Hemanth D P, COO of GMR Airports Sector Hub Development, Cargo Business and Free Trade Zone (FTZ). As he looks out of his office overlooking Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hemanth emphasises the facilities that the airport provides for cargo. “We have all the qualities that a good air cargo hub requires,” he said pointing out that the airport was open for international carriers and freighters. Manfred Singh reports.... Read More
  • Dnata opens perishable facility at Changi

    Dnata has opened a new state-of-the-art perishable cargo handling centre at its airfreight facility at Changi Airport, Singapore. Representing an investment of over S$4 million (US$3.12 million), the new centre is capable of processing 75,000 tonnes of perishables annually and enables dnata to offer chilled and frozen storage and cool chain services to its airline customers at Changi Airport, catering to product categories including fresh fruit, meat and pharmaceuticals.... Read More
  • Schiphol’s 1H cargo unchanged from 2012

    Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has continued to show modest cargo growth throughout the first half of 2013 with an increase of 1.02 per cent over the same period 2012 with a total of 736,608 tonnes handled at the airport in the period.... Read More
  • Leipzig/Halle posts ninth successive year of growth

    Continuing on an impressive nine-year roll, Germany’s Leipzig/Halle Airport continues to post cargo volume growth, with a 3.8 per cent growth in the first half of 2013 over the same period a year earlier, to 438,274 tonnes.... Read More
  • US-Germany trade lifts Dùsseldorf cargo

    Cargo tonnage is up at Dùsseldorf Airport in 2013, with the airport citing a substantial 19.2 per cent growth in the first quarter and up 6.8 per cent in the second quarter, compared to the same periods in 2012.... Read More
  • Myanmar awards $1.8 B in airport tendersÂ

    With its recent political about face and subsequent opening up to the outside world, Myanmar has embarked on a massive overhaul of its airports.... Read More
  • Hactl’s makeover continues

    After Cathay Pacific sold off its shares in 2010 in preparation for its own independent terminal, Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Ltd (Hactl) has been prepping itself for Cathay’s eventual departure – something that is nearing its conclusion. Syed Shah reports.... Read More
  • China to add 13 more airports this year

    While the International Air Transport Association (IATA) says the air cargo business continues to suffer the brunt of the impact of the weak outlook in developed economies, China is undeterred and is taking a rather different approach. The mainland’s number of airports will exceed 200 by 2014, and new airport projects will be added to the authority’s current five-year plan, according to a Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) official. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • Tapping the growing pharma logisitics demand

    If there is one industry that shows signs of outperforming the rest from India, it is the pharmaceutical industry. International trends, according to a report published some time ago by Transport Intelligence, indicate that pharma logistics growth will average 7.6 per cent in the coming years, reaching €63 billion by 2015. The report also stated that biotech and pharmaceutical products would represent the highest value per airlifted kilogram for any cargo.... Read More
  • Whither the freighters?

    For a country the size of India, there should be at least 1,000 aircraft and more than a handful of freighter operators. Unfortunately, the freighter business has floundered in the country with operators establishing operations only to fold-up after only a short time.... Read More
  • The push for Air Freight Stations

    Air Freight Stations (AFS): They are a wish that is nowhere near fulfillment. India’s freight forwarders and air cargo cargo stakeholders have been demanding the establishment of cargo villages near the country’s top international airports but they are virtually nowhere in sight.... Read More
  • India needs a proactive logistics strategy: KPMG

    A recent study by KPMG, ‘Logistics game changers: Transforming India’s logistics industry’, states that “the transformation of India’s logistics landscape wants a clear, long-term and sustainable vision encompassing initiatives that are proactive rather than reactive to leverage India’s economic potential”. Though the views are not new and are often repeated at air cargo and logistics events, very little action is seen on the ground.... Read More
  • Kenya Airways begins Nairobi hub strategy

    Reiterating Kenya Airways plans to turn Nairobi into a significant cargo hub for East Africa, Mbuvi Ngunze, COO of Kenya Airways, which last year launched its Safari Connection 747-400 freighter service in partnership with AirFrance-KLMMartinair, connecting the Kenyan capital with Amsterdam and Guangzhou, China said wide body freighters are in the plans.... Read More
  • Turkish Cargo bullish on Africa

    Turkish Airlines, in case anybody hasn’t already noticed, has serious ambitions. And so too for its cargo division which now has a global passenger belly network which it is increasingly supplementing with its freighters of choice – the A330-200F. In the vast and hugely diverse African continent the Istanbul-based cargo carrier offers belly capacity to 34 destinations – the latest being Libreville in Gabon (west, central Africa) with freighter operations to nine countries. Freighter destinations include: Casablanca, Mitiga, Algiers, Cairo, Khartoum, Lagos, Accra, Nairobi and Johannesburg.... Read More
  • OR Tambo strategically plotting cargo future

    While cargo has never had a sharp focus at South Africa’s main gateway airport and Africa’s largest and busiest, this is set to change in the coming years as the Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) works alongside government and city officials to develop the airport and surrounding area into a world class logistics hub. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • Africa: Full of potential, but many problems

    A vast and diverse continent ripe with potential, but riddled with an equally diverse set of problems that threaten to stall the growth of air cargo, was the picture painted by speakers at the recent Air Cargo Africa event in Johannesburg.... Read More
  • MidAmerica teams with Ningbo for new trade route

    In a bold step, MidAmerica St. Louis Airport (BLV) and China’s Ningbo Lishe International Airport (NGB) have joined forces to promote a new trade route. Under wraps for nearly eight months, the deal sees two secondary airports, supported by government trade bodies teaming up to match shippers and buyers between China and Latin America. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • ACAS pilot expanded, ICAO & TIACA to work closer

    Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has announced that it is formalising and expanding the Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS) pilot. The ACAS pilot enables members of the air cargo industry to send and receive advance security filing data for their air cargo which the CBP and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) then analyse to help identify cargo shipments inbound to the US that may be high risk and require additional physical screening.... Read More
  • US gov’t pledges to work with air cargo industry

    US Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood pledged to support the air cargo industry in achieving its goals because of its importance to the US economy. Speaking at the 26th International Air Cargo Forum & Exposition in Atlanta, Georgia LaHood told the audience of senior executives from across the global air cargo supply chain: “We are committed to your industry – because what’s good for air cargo is good for the US economy.”... Read More
  • Hartsfield-Jackson: Atlanta’s ‘economic engine’

    As a passenger hub Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport reigns supreme – 920,000 take-offs and landings and handling over 92 million passengers last year – ranking as the world’s busiest airport for 13 years running. And while cargo clearly has a long way to go to reach such prominence, it is already firmly set in growth mode as more and more businesses, shippers, freight forwarders and carriers see the advantages of the airport as a cargo hub. By Donald Urquhart in Atlanta.... Read More
  • Inaugural Payload Asia Awards 2012

    Turkish Cargo, AirAsia Cargo, China Southern Cargo, Kerry Logistics, DHL Express, CEVA Logistics & Changi Airport among those who received top honours at this year’s Awards.... Read More
  • Emerging markets offer most potential for Boeing’s conversions

    Emerging markets such as China, Brazil, the Middle East, Russia and Africa show the most potential for sustained robust growth for freighter conversions, according to Dan da Silva, vice president, Freighter Conversions, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. By Wong Joon San.... Read More
  • Asian markets to lead large freighter demand

    Boeing expects the major Asian markets to continue to lead the industry in terms of new aircraft demand growth rates, according to James R. Edgar, regional director cargo marketing at Boeing Commercial Airplanes. By Wong Joon San.... Read More
  • Demand for A330P2F conversions in Asia rising4

    Most of the Asian freighter demand has been for either large freighter aircraft capable of carrying freight long distances to consuming markets in Europe and North America, or for smaller gauge aircraft to service the emerging domestic/ regional business. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • China Cargo Airlines to join SkyTeam Cargo1

    China Cargo Airlines, a subsidiary company of China Eastern Airlines, has indicated its intent to join the SkyTeam Cargo Alliance through the signing of an MOU agreement in Shanghai last month with the carrier expected to formally join the alliance by June 2013.... Read More
  • Ensure sufficient capacity IATA urges China

    The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has encouraged China to continue to develop its air transport sector by ensuring sufficient capacity based on global standards and best practices because air transport plays a critical role in China’s economic development.... Read More
  • Big plans for Air China Cargo JV: Slosar

    Cathay Pacific aims to make its joint venture cargo airline, Air China Cargo, one of the largest airlines in the world, according to Cathay Pacific Airways chief executive John Slosar. Cathay has a 49 per cent stake in the cargo airline after forming a joint venture with Air China in 2010.... Read More
  • Downturn worrisome for Chinese carriers

    Lower oil prices this month have lessened the pain for struggling Chinese airlines, but a slowing domestic economy and worsening outlook for consumers worried about Europe’s debt crisis threaten the health of these carriers, industry executives said recently.... Read More
  • IATA Cargo tackles security

    For the cargo division at the International Air Transport Association (IATA), security is multi-faceted issue with many fronts requiring simultaneious attention and work. Two of IATA Cargo’s key drivers discuss the issues, challenges and initiatives now being developed in this fast changing and complex security environment. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • Damco Airfreight goes heavy weight

    In an indication of its intent to further develop its air logistics business, global 3PL provider Damco recently managed the movement of a single piece compressor of 52 tonnes from Orissa via Kolkata airport in India to its final destination in Berlin.... Read More
  • Africa and Middle East

    China’s investment in infrastructure, industry and resources in Africa will mean demand for freight and logistics services will increase exponentially, Hickler explains.... Read More
  • IATA on the hook

    The International Air Transport Association (IATA) took its typical share of bruises over the course of the two days, with much discussion of the Cargo Account Settlement Systems (CASS) – IATA’s system for billing and settling of accounts between airlines and freight forwarders – and the requirement for freight forwarders to provide bank guarantees.... Read More
  • Of security, IATA and bank guarantees…

    Security was a key topic during the two-day congress, with Fiata’s chairman of the Advisory Body on Security Matters, David Fielder giving an overview of the status of various security programmes around the world.... Read More
  • Global forwarders meet in Egypt

    The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) held its annual World Congress 2011 recently in Cairo, Egypt, discussing a wide range of issues pertinent to the freight forwarding industry.... Read More
  • Greencarrier expands in China

    Swedish-headquartered logistics specialist Greencarrier, which has in recent years expanded substantially within the Nordic countries and the Baltic states, is continuing with its programme to create a network of offices in China.... Read More
  • K+N China expands and takes to the road

    Kuehne + Nagel (K+N) China has announced it has incorporated road logistics into its integrated range of services and is steadily expanding its office network.... Read More
  • Contract Logistics market in good health

    The contract logistics market saw a strong recovery in 2010. The sector bounced back as most economies experienced positive GDP growth and a rebound in world trade.... Read More
  • DHL opens second China life sciences centre

    As part of its continued investment to tap the growing life sciences and healthcare industry, global logistics company DHL, has announced the launch of its Life Sciences and Healthcare Competence Center in Beijing – the second of its kind in China.... Read More
  • Rankings of 2011 Supply Chain Top 25

    T Chain Top 25 for 2011 he goal of the Supply Chain Top 25 research initiative is to raise awareness of the supply chain discipline and how it impacts the business.... Read More
  • Becoming a halal logistics hub

    Frost & Sullivan says that Malaysia’s highly recognised halal certification system has given it an advantage to develop into the region’s halal logistics hub.... Read More
  • Growth sectors

    Asked which areas of Agility’s logistics and supply management business were showing the most growth, Hickler says: “We see China, India and Southeast Asia as the growth sectors of the future and China will be the driving force for the foreseeable future with India and South East Asia with younger populations providing growth in the longer term.... Read More
  • China’s prospects

    As China plays an important part in Agility’s business in Asia, Hickler says China’s growth prospects look very positive for 2011 with most analysts forecasting about 9.3 per cent economic growth.... Read More
  • Agility rises to Asia Pac challenges

    Despite facing various challenges in the Asia Pacific region, Agility, one of the world’s leading providers of integrated logistics, sees opportunities for providing solutions to its customers in such an environment, drawing on its legacy of building logistics networks in emerging markets. Hans Hickler, Agility’s Asia Pacific CEO outlines the company’s business in an interview with Wong Joon San.... Read More
  • CF sees expanding opportunities Down Under

    A robust resources industry and a strongly emerging project sector, is driving a positive air charter market in Australia, particularly in the oil & gas, mining, construction, government & aid, military and entertainment sectors, according to Chapman Freeborn’s business development manager in Australia, Michael Grant.... Read More
  • Qantas domestic freight volumes & yield up

    Despite the natural disasters that devastated transport infrastructure in many parts of Australia, Qantas has seen its domestic freight results increase as it has been a good year for the domestic freight industry driven partly by the relative strength of the Australian economy and the high Australian dollar.... Read More
  • Brisbane confident of its future

    Brisbane, whilst not Australia’s largest airport for cargo, it none-the-less is a key nodal point for both Asian and Pacific cargo although it rather modestly describes itself as “currently more of a Pacific hub with Asia as an O&D market,” Cameron Macphee, general manager, Aviation Business Development tells Michael Mackey.... Read More
  • Auckland Airport punches above its weight

    Auckland Airport packs a mighty punch – a NZ$14 billion one – for a small but go-getting airport.... Read More
  • Small GSSAs face dilemma in dealing with airlines

    Today, some smaller general sales and service agents (GSSAs) are facing a paradox as a number of airlines want to work with them, because they see the larger ones as unable to offer dedicated services, but they expect the service levels to be on par or comparable with those of large GSSAs. Wong Joon San has the story.... Read More
  • Ad-hoc charters can more scheduled operations

    The present air cargo industry is in a state of flux and airlines are not likely to increase their scheduled operations as ad-hoc charter operations can be arranged if a situation warrants. So, during the high peak season demand, spare aircraft capacity can also be arranged for charter operations to enable airlines to tap the surge in volumes. By Wong Joon San.... Read More
  • Air Logistics Group to expand in Asian market

    UK-based Air Logistics Group, which has been in Asia for the last three years, wants to grow its footprint further in the region both organically, as well as through acquisition as Asian economies continue their rapid expansion. By Wong Joon San.... Read More
  • Bottom line important for IAM's winning formula

    Dublin-based International Airline Marketing (IAM), Ireland's largest Cargo General Sales and Service Agent (GSSA), says that in order to have a winning relationship between GSSA and a carrier, the job remuneration must be less than what the carrier could get if they did the job themselves, but enough for the GSSA to be able to make a fair margin for their investment. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • GSAs offer options for air cargo challenges

    Despite the challenging air cargo market that has seen slowing volumes and excess capacity once again putting heavy downward pressure on yields, GSAs remain upbeat that a good business model will enable them to ride out the ebbs and flows of the market as they help their airline customers cut costs. By Karen E. Thuermer... Read More
  • Wow, not another alliance?

    The fact that Star Alliance members are once again talking about ramping up cooperation on the cargo front was almost enough to elicit exclamations of 'wow' from journalists gathered at a Lufthansa Cargo group briefing in Munich, but the Frankfurt-based carrier was quick to point out it was not another 'new' cargo alliance in the making. Donald Urquhart reports.... Read More
  • The 'planned emergency'

    For Lufthansa Group special speed logistics company time:matters, success in Europe has led to a measured growth plan focusing on growth in its home European market as well as a careful expansion into Asia which recently saw the niche company open a Shanghai office. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • Volga Dnepr goes XXL

    The emissaries of the Russian aviation giant waited until the last minute at their Munichheld press meeting to announce their hottest and most ambitious project - the intention to sign a firm order for purchasing as many as twenty giant AN-124-300 freighters. Heiner Siegmund reports.... Read More
  • Prestwick and Manston serious about cargo

    While lacking the scale and notoriety of major European hub airports, two airports in the UK - Prestwick in Scotland and Manston in southern England - have keen cargo ambitions, offering carriers two distinctly different business propositions. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • MASkargo casts its gaze on Africa

    MASkargo has been keenly watching the growing trade between China and Africa and with a fleet expansion based on A330Fs now in the works and a keen interest in new potential markets, the Kuala Lumpur-based cargo carrier looks set to make a move into the African market.... Read More
  • Ethiopian set to expand perishable cargo terminal

    Ethiopian Airlines, which has the largest cargo fleet in Africa, is set to embark on a major cargo terminal expansion project at its hub inside the Bole International Airport and expand its freighter fleet on the back of growing import/export demand.... Read More
  • Kenya Airways set to enter maindeck market

    Kenya Airways has signaled its intent to enter the maindeck market by announcing that it was further developing its cargo division through the purchase of its first freighter aircraft which it will use to tap burgeoning intra-African cargo flows.... Read More
  • Saudi Cargo looks across the pond

    For Saudi Airlines Cargo, expansion is the name of the game and Africa is the top of the list. There's good reason for that too - aside from clearly emerging as the growth market for years to come, it also happens to lie virtually in Saudi Arabia's 'back yard'.... Read More
  • Astral Aviation links the world to the 'rest of Africa'

    As Africa's regional economies enjoy healthy growth after decades of lethargy, cargo movements have been growing apace, bringing more and more international carriers to what has been referred to as the 'new frontier' for air cargo and for Nairobi-based Astral Aviation, this is big business.... Read More
  • Europe takes lead in proactively 'greening' airports

    As environmental pressure continues to bear down on all sectors, particularly the aviation industry, European airports have taken the lead in 'greening' their operations through a variety of means. Heiner Siegmund reports.... Read More
  • European airports lick their snowy wounds

    When a virtually unprecedented snowfall hit Europe in December last year, airports across the continent were paralysed, throwing airline schedules into disarry and stranding cargo and passengers across the continent as airports struggled to cope with the snowfall. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • Good year for cargo at BUD

    Enjoying a good year of cargo growth, Budapest Airport is setting itself up for further growth opportunities with a new Cargo City currently under construction. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • Bengaluru races ahead with 33% cargo growth

    Leaving Delhi and Mumbai behind, the Bengaluru International Airport (BIAL), has done remarkably well in the past year and if the latest figures are anything to go by, they show indications of the market rapidly recovering from the slowdown. Manfred Singh reports on India's fastest growing airport.... Read More
  • HK overtakes Memphis as busiest cargo airport

    With China and Hong Kong driving a full third of cargo volume growth between now and 2014, industry pundits say Hong Kong International Airport must quickly proceed with the proposed third runway. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • LAX takes top flight

    Air cargo is on the up at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). While some US airports suffered dramatically during the economic downturn, LAX has actually been experiencing strong growth in overseas air service for the last three years with airlines adding over 150 international weekly flights. Karen E. Thuermer reports.... Read More
  • Toronto offers competitive N American gateway

    While once an airport with one of the highest landing fees, Toronto Pearson International Airport has repeatedly lowered its fees as it ratchets up its competitiveness as Canada's key cargo gateway hub. By Karen E. Thuermer.... Read More
  • Kuwait's NAS targets regional growth

    With a modest start at Kuwait International Airport, National Aviation Services (NAS) has rapidly sought out expansion opportunities in emerging markets and now has cargo operations at 15 airports in the Middle East and India. But not content to stop there and given fresh optimism by the economic recovery, NAS is continuing to pursue its relatively low-key, but clearly aggressive expansion strategy. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • India's ground handling policy stalls yet again

    It is a familiar story and one that has been heard with astounding regularity since February 2007 - that is of course India's Ground Handling policy (GHP) that we are referring to. To say that it has had a chequered past would be an understatement. Every time the government has decided to introduce it, there has been opposition to it - whether from the private carriers or the security agencies. Manfred Singh gives us an update.... Read More
  • Chinese ground handlers see growth in 2010

    With the recovery of the airfreight market last year, South Chinese airport Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport reported handling 1.14 million tonnes of air freight in 2010, while Shenzhen Baoan International Airport handled 808,800 tonnes of air freight over the same period. By Wong Joon San.... Read More
  • Europe eyes moves to woo Chinese air cargo

    The European Commission is studying how to improve inefficiencies at European airports to resolve many of the current issues they face, including ground handling liberalisation, so that the 27 member states can benefit from the rapid economic growth of Mainland China, dubbed the 'World's Factory'. By Wong Joon San.... Read More
  • Maastricht Airport: The little guy in the big game

    Twelve years ago the cargo future of Maastricht airport looked promising as the airport began unrolling a strategic plan to put itself on the cargo map. Over a decade later the prospects, although different, look even more promising. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • China Southern Cargo joins SkyTeam Cargo

    China Southern Airlines, a member of SkyTeam and the largest airline in China, has recently become a full member of the SkyTeam Cargo alliance. China Southern is the first Chinese carrier to join a global air cargo alliance.... Read More
  • Leading industry groups unite, swing into action

    Four key global voices of the air cargo industry have united under an agreement to form a collective advisory group and a unified voice for changes in the industry, known as the Global Air Cargo Advisory Group (GACAG) and have quickly come out with an action plan on security.... Read More
  • MASkargo set to spread a new set of wings

    Having come through not one, but two turbulent periods - first the restructuring and rationalisation of the passenger division of Malaysia Airlines which heavily impacted available belly capacity and secondly the economic turmoil of last year, MASkargo is deep in planning for a reinvention of sorts. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • San Bernardino Int'l Airport looking for investors

    San Bernardino International Airport (SDB), which is 96.5km east of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), is promoting itself as the gateway to Southern California and the US as a whole. The airport is now seeking to develop its air cargo business and is wooing investors to develop its air cargo terminal facility. By Wong Joon San.... Read More
  • New York area airports show cargo improvement

    Compared to last year's dismal figures, cargo volumes are improving at Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (PANYNJ) area airports and PANYNJ officials expect the good news to continue through this year's December holiday season. Karen E. Thuermer reports.... Read More
  • MIA facilitates Latin American trade with Asia

    Miami International Airport (MIA) is without a doubt the leader in the Americas for international freight and the world's largest gateway to Latin American and the Caribbean and increasingly the air cargo hub is promoting its Asian connections to South American markets. Karen E. Thuermer reports.... Read More
  • Atlas Air maintains solid position in Asia

    While market conditions indicate a softening air cargo demand, business for Atlas Air World Holdings, between Asia and North America has been exceptionally strong in 2010 and despite potential weakening of the market next year the ACMI operator is fully confident of the tradelane's future. By Karen E. Thuermer.... Read More
  • Conversions answer call as market rebounds

    Like nearly all industries worldwide, the global economic crisis took its toll on the aircraft conversion market from well into 2008 and through 2009. With existing freighters parked, new conversion orders – especially for large widebody freighters, slowed down significantly, but things are now looking up again for US-based conversion outfits. By Karen E. Thuermer.... Read More
  • China’s freighter conversion business limps along

    Prior to the economic crisis, there was a great deal of hype when the first passengerto- freighter aircraft conversions were completed in China, and the rapid air cargo growth fuelled expectations that this industry was about to boom. From airlines to conversion experts like Boeing, Pemco, Haeco and its subsidiaries were all elated, but today, no one wants to talk about the business. By Wong Joon San.... Read More
  • Bedek sees promising future in B767 conversions

    With the air cargo industry clearly emerging from the downturn of 2009, carriers are once again turning to focus on passenger-to-freighter conversions, which has made conversion slots at IAI Bedek Aviation Group hard to come by. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • Freighter conversion business to improve soon

    Over the past two years, delays that hit the A380 programme between 2005 and 2007, and aircraft deliveries reduction at Airbus, as well as delays to the Boeing Dreamliner 787 programme, coupled with order cancellations following the global economic crisis all took their toll on the passenger-to- freighter conversion industry due to lack of aircraft. But the business is expected to improve soon, industry players say. By Wong Joon San.... Read More
  • Environmental ASPIRE-ations

    Among the various initiatives underway within the industry the air service providers have also been active in finding areas which can produce environmental benefits. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • Emissions trading schemes are one hot topic

    While legislators in the US and European Community have recognised the need to regulate environmental protection, much of that effort continues to be misdirected on several fronts and poses serious challenges to airlines. Karen E. Thuermer has the story.... Read More
  • Agility opens massive new logistics hub in Shanghai

    Agility has opened a new 66,000 square metre logistics hub in Shanghai – one of the biggest facilities of its kind in China to date – for UAE-based petrochemical-plastics company, Borouge. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • Menlo’s three-prong focus for its China business

    The majority of Menlo Worldwide Logistics’ business in China is focused on domestic distribution, network managed transportation and supply chain solutions, says Jess Goldberg, vice president, Greater China. By Wong Joon San.... Read More
  • Chinese cargo carriers on merger track

    China’s air cargo industry is all-change as expansion and mergers take place amid government pronouncements of the need for industry consolidation to create a Chinese mega-cargo carrier. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • AirBridgeCargo looks west in China

    AirBridgeCargo Airlines has substantially expanded its route network, connecting destinations in Europe and Asia through its new air cargo hub operations at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport last year, and the hub’s contributions are substantial, a senior executive says. By Wong Joon San.... Read More
  • China’s air cargo industry challenges

    In the post global economic crisis era, China’s air cargo industry faces several macro-economic challenges as the government adjusts its economic development strategy, low cost labour becomes scarcer and environmental impacts become more significant, according to CEO of Globelink China Logistics Ltd. By Wong Joon San.... Read More
  • Managing ULD inventories

    Introduced over 40 years ago, back when the Boeing 747 was first making waves, the humble ULD has become an inextricable part of commercial wide body air transport. These sturdy, but relatively light-weight units have progressed over the years to comprise a whole range of special purpose designs and along with their growing prevalence has come the realisation of the importance of managing their inventories. Manfred Singh reports.... Read More
  • Proper ULD damage control leads to savings

    Proper ULD damage-control can lead to huge savings for airlines and such damage incidents can be reduced and controlled when ramp handling staff receives proper training, Anthony Chan, cargo services manager, Jardine Airport Services Limited (JASL) tells Wong Joon San.... Read More
  • Lightweight ULDs becoming popular with airlines

    Rising fuel costs are driving the popularity of light-weight and ultra-lightweight ULDs (unit load device) as airlines are now focusing on weight reduction because fuel and emission costs have added around 10 per cent more to total fuel costs, according to a senior executive of a major manufacturer of ULDs. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • The perishables business injects profits for carriers

    With growing globalisation the perishables business has taken off, but the highly sensitive cargo — be it flowers, fruit, meat or pharmaceuticals — requires greater investment in specialised ULDs and expertise. Manfred Singh reports.... Read More
  • DHL ups capacity in response to Asia demand

    On the back of the ongoing global economic recovery DHL is taking measures to boost air freight capacity in its freight forwarding division to cater to increasing airfreight demand from Asia. Donald Urquhart reports.... Read More
  • Aerospace logistics

    The projected rise in Asia passenger and freighter traffic along with increasing maintenance, repair and overhaul activity in the region bode well for logistics providers that can deliver to the demanding aerospace sector. G Venkatesh reports.... Read More
  • Specialist logistics for halal food market

    The rapidly growing global halal food market is creating demand for logistics systems that are able to ensure integrity of products right to the point of consumption. Marco Tieman reports.... Read More
  • Shrinking customer and cargo base for Eldoret

    Despite losing two airline customers in the past two years and recording a continued shrinking of its air cargo throughput from June last year to February this year, Eldoret International Airport (EIA), located at Eldoret, a city in western Kenya, insists that its air cargo business will grow. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • South African Cargo takes on the world from Jo’burg

    Siza Mzimela, South African Airways’ (SAA) newly-appointed CEO, is a determined and feisty lady and quite likely just the right person that the carrier needs to lead it out of the woods, although she doesn’t need to worry about the cargo division. Manfred Singh reports.... Read More
  • Jomo Kenyatta Int’l expands cargo facilities

    As part of its strategic plan to meet rising air cargo demand across Africa, the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) is in the process of expanding its existing air cargo facilities at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) to handle more freighters. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • An African haven amid the global storm

    Among the interesting turn of events brought on by the unprecedented downturn of 2009 was the unexpected flood of newcomers to African airports, including a handful of B747-400 freighters from Asia. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • A Delhi-based start-up with a global game plan

    India’s newest cargo airline – Aryan Cargo Express (ACE) – is gearing up to begin operations in the coming months with ambitious plans in place to eventually offer integrated first-to-last mile cargo services across the globe.... Read More
  • Ras Al Khaimah airport gets a makeover

    Ras Al Khaimah International Airport may not be much to look at currently, but if the airport’s new CEO has his way, the airport will become a key cargo hub in supporting reconstruction of war-torn Iraq and Afghanistan as Ras Al Khaimah goes after its slice of the Gulf region’s aviation pie.... Read More
  • Kingfisher brings same-day D2D delivery to India

    Kingfisher Airlines has launched Kingfisher Xpress, a new door-to-door cargo delivery service, which kicked off operations from 2 February, after nearly a year of preparation and two months of piloting.... Read More
  • India’s moribund ground handling policy

    India’s ground handling policy is one that refuses to come out of the government closet for implementation, having seen three postponements in just over two years. Manfred Singh gives an overview of the evolving ground handling scene in India.... Read More
  • Middle East needs liberalisation and privatisation

    Large-scale market consolidation and sub-contracting will shape the Middle East ground handling industry and drive overall revenues, according to a new report from global consultancy group, Frost & Sullivan.... Read More
  • PACTL builds customer base despite recession

    While the severe global recession was affecting many companies last year, Shanghai Pudong Int’l Airport Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd adopted an aggressive marketing strategy to woo new customers. And it appears to have worked with Cathay Pacific Airways, Dragonair, Air Hong Kong, Air Cargo Germany and most recently, Air China, joining. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • HKIA ground handlers expect better times ahead

    Ravaged by the global financial crisis and the global recession that followed in the first three quarters of last year, Hong Kong International Airport’s two main ground handlers reported improved performance in the fourth quarter of 2009 indicating that recovery is underway despite full-year contractions in cargo volume down 7.7 per cent year on year to 3.35 million tonnes. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • Good news in harsh times for two HK GSAs

    In a year which is reeling from the negative impact of the global financial crisis, many airlines have cut capacities, parked their planes, cut frequencies and routes, while others have done just the opposite. And this is where at least two Hong Kong-based general sales agents (GSAs) have seen the potential and grown as a result. Wong Joon San has the story from Hong Kong.... Read More
  • Germany’s Cismat eyes India

    German general sales and service agent Cismat GmbH is wasting no time expanding its already healthy customer base, with a raft of new offices set to open in India and discussions ongoing with Middle East and European carriers. Heiner Siegmund reports from Frankfurt.... Read More
  • Vector Aviation confident of Asian growth

    Vietnam has been no exception to the global economic contagion and so too it is feeling the uptick in the economy which has sent shippers scrambling for air cargo capacity. For long-time GSSA, Vector Aviation, a solid market presence has translated to a healthy client list that has carried it through the crisis. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • New GSA ready for Asian carriers’ entry to NA

    With the world economy hitting a near economic depression, this past year may have been one of the most challenging to start a new company. But that’s precisely what Jens Tubbesing of Airlines National Services did by forming a GSA catering especially to Asian cargo carriers, forwarders and businesses needing North American-Asian air freight coverage. Karen E. Thuermer reports from the US.... Read More
  • Rickenbacker offers multimodal platform

    Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK) has long been promoted as a dedicated air cargo facility that serves several key business segments, including international airfreight, freight forwarding, corporate aviation, e-commerce fulfillment and distribution.... Read More
  • Global air group: Ready and diversified

    With a flexible mix of contract services including ACMI and charter operations, Global Aviation Holdings said it is well positioned for any surge in capacity demand as the cargo market recovery intensifies.... Read More
  • San Bernardino positions itself for Asia

    When air cargo volumes increase again worldwide, officials at Southern California’s San Bernardino International Airport (SBD) maintain that SBD, located just 97 kilometers east of the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), will be well positioned as an alternative gateway for cargo coming into the US West Coast.... Read More
  • American Airlines Cargo focuses on quality

    As Joe Reedy, VP – Cargo Sales and Marketing for American Airlines sees it, as long as air carriers sustain a long-term view and bear down on what’s really important in the near term, air cargo can regain its stature in the world’s global prosperity.... Read More
  • Houston’s IAH holds strong

    Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) is ‘Texas tough’ even in the recent downward global economy. Despite the pullback in worldwide carrier service, Luis G. Aviles, senior marketing specialist for the Houston Airport System (HAS), comments that 2009 has been an excellent year for IAH.... Read More
  • New York area airports poised for growth

    Asia and the Middle East represent important business for Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (PANYNJ) area airports with Asia alone, representing 48 per cent of its airport’s traffic and the Middle East ringing in with around nine per cent.... Read More
  • Atlanta well positioned for global cargo

    The worldwide recession reached the tarmac at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta (ATL) International Airport where cargo volumes started the year down about 14 per cent over the previous year’s figures. But cargo volumes indicate they have slowly inched up year over year based on August figures and are now down around 10 per cent.... Read More
  • The Payload interview

    He was once introduced to an American journalist by a prominent industry executive as the ‘Pope of cargo’, to which Payload Asia co-founder, publisher, editor, salesman and general industry provocateur replied: “Slowly, slowly. I’m not Holy…yet.” Donald Urquhart finds out how the magazine came into being.... Read More
  • An extraordinary quarter century

    It was long ago and far away, and the air cargo industry was very different from how it is today. Peter Conway looks at the world Payload Asia was born into, and at how things have changed since.... Read More
  • Qantas bucks trend with Asian perishable trade

    Australia and New Zealand’s perishables exports have helped keep Qantas Freight in good shape on its Asia routes with volumes bucking global trends.... Read More
  • SIA Cargo weathers the storm

    Like all other carriers, SIA Cargo is also being impacted by the recession, but the airline is remaining nimble, disciplined in resources deployment and is continuing to be vigilant on cost management.... Read More
  • Shortage of skilled labour in Viet logistics

    With rapid economic development and foreign investment over the past ten years, Vietnam has seen a boom in the freight forwarding and logistics sector, but the country is now facing a significant shortage of qualified staff.... Read More
  • time:matters and Cebu Pacific save time

    A new tie-up between Manila-based, low-cost airline Cebu Pacific and Frankfurt-based time:matters will see the German express and courier company leveraging the Philippine carrier’s extensive network across the country.... Read More
  • Intra-Asia trade likely to lead recovery

    Here’s some good news in these depressing times. Get ready to see Asia pick up the gauntlet and ride the revival wave. If cargo industry stalwarts are to be believed, Asia could very well be in the forefront of the recovery, thanks primarily to high domestic consumption.... Read More
  • Polet branches out into mainstream cargo

    Well established in the specialist and heavy cargo market, Polet Airlines has ambitious plans to move into the mainstream cargo market with up to six additional freighter aircraft joining the fleet between now and 2011.... Read More
  • Parchim Int’l Airport sees blue skies ahead

    With a handful of charter and scheduled cargo customers already secured, the Chinese owners of the former East German, Soviet-era air base now known as Parchim International Airport have grand plans to turn it into a major cargo hub.... Read More
  • EU & Canada sign air deal leading to open skies

    Canada’s airports hailed the recent completion of an historic air service agreement between Canada and the European Union as “welcome news” for travellers, shippers and those who work in the aviation and tourism sectors.... Read More
  • Coping with the crisis: Four views

    Speakers at the recent Air Cargo Europe conference in Munich remained upbeat on the prospects for the global economy but emphasized the crisis was also a time to refocus.... Read More
  • Jade Cargo focuses on future

    Unable to escape the impact of the global economic crisis, China’s air cargo industry has felt the pain along with the rest of the global industry, but for China-based Jade Cargo it’s a time for action.... Read More
  • China tightens grip on airline approval rules

    The heady days of China’s ‘no-holds barred’ aviation industry growth have, at least for the moment, been reduced from take-off to taxiing speed. Chinese authorities have signalled their desire to partially reign-in the growth that, despite the ongoing global downturn, still flickers within the country.... Read More
  • Northern China less affected by crisis

    The downturn of industrial production in China´s Northeast turns out to be much more moderate compared to the southern parts at Guangdong Province.... Read More
  • China Southern expands despite crisis

    While many airlines have cut back on frequencies and routes they serve, including parking their aircraft to reduce costs, China Southern Airlines has done the reverse. Instead, the airline has added several new flights to its winter-spring schedule as it confronts the global downturn which saw it post its first loss in three years.... Read More
  • SAE hits turbulence

    Sepang Aircraft Engineering (SAE)’s plans to be a major maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) service provider for Airbus A340, A330, A320 and 737-300/400 aircraft has hit turbulence.... Read More
  • MASE plans capability expansion

    Despite the slowdown of the global MRO market, MAS Aerospace Engineering (MASE) is on an aggressive expansion programme to expand its capability for airframe heavy maintenance to include Airbus A340 and B767.... Read More
  • MASE-Qantas JV postponed again

    The start-up of the much-talked about MAS Aerospace Engineering Malaysia (MASE) Qantas maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) joint venture remains uncertain.... Read More
  • China remains a hotbed for MRO JVs

    Despite the global slowdown, China remains a hotbed for maintenance repair and overhaul joint ventures as Chinese airlines expand their fleet.... Read More
  • India has huge potential as MRO hub

    Competing with biggies can be a trying exercise and if it is in India, it can prove to be exceedingly frustrating. But that is exactly what Air Works has done and succeeded at.... Read More
  • MRO industry to see slowing growth

    The global economic slowdown which has resulted in a decline in air traffic is expected to depress the maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) sector’s growth over the next few years.... Read More
  • Infrastructure 6 years from int'l standards

    Although a number of air cargo terminals have been approved for construction by Indian authorities over the last few months, the country¡¯s infrastructure is expected to take between three to six years to modernise and reach international standards.... Read More
  • Indian logistics needs urgent IT investment

    Although Indian airports spend an estimated 10-15 per cent of their total revenue on IT - nearly INR 400 million (US$8 million) per annum - unless investment is stepped up, the country risks sacrificing 1-2 per cent growth.... Read More
  • India moves to bridge infrastructure gap

    Although years behind in its airport and cargo infrastructure investment, the Indian government has taken significant and bold steps to address the problem by both investing itself and freeing up the regulatory environment to allow private companies a far greater role.... Read More
  • Global crisis clips wings of domestic upstarts

    With the economic downturn sending the global air cargo industry into a tailspin, India's burgeoning domestic cargo scene has come to a virtual standstill as scores of cargo start-ups have been forced to shelve their plans. But some ambitious players have thrown caution to the wind.... Read More
  • Airport development in the ME is BIG business

    Until the global recession kicked into high gear, the cargo side of the airline business in the Middle East was expanding at a very healthy pace with governments across the region racing to built impressive new freight infrastructure projects.... Read More
  • Gulf Air takes aim at cutting costs

    Like virtually every airline around the world grappling with the worsening financial crisis, Bahrain-based Gulf Air is seeking to contain costs by grounding its fleet of Airbus A340 long-haul jetliners and starting to hedge on fuel purchases, CEO Bjorn Naf says.... Read More
  • Dubai’s audacious new US$82B airport on track

    Despite the current economic downturn, work on Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport, formerly known as the Jebel Ali International Airport, continues apace with the first commercial flight expected to kick off operations by middle of this year.... Read More
  • Qatar Airways expands while others cut back

    While the world’s major airlines are cutting back capacity and parking their aircraft in the desert to cope with the impact of the global financial crisis, Qatar Airways is going against the tide by expanding its reach to SE Asia, US and Europe and sticking to a 200-aircraft expansion plan.... Read More
  • Schiphol ready for all-change

    Tough times for the airfreight industry, but for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Europe's third largest cargo airport, the current upheavals in the industry are an opportunity to make long term strategic changes.... Read More
  • BA World Cargo's volumes up despite crisis

    Although the European air cargo market has become tough ground for carriers, British Airways World Cargo (BAWC) is counting on its above market performance and solid network in India and China to tide it through the downturn.... Read More
  • Hopes fade for new London runway

    Prospects for a third runway at London's Heathrow airport are looking increasingly bleak as the opposition Conservative party, which stands a good chance of winning the next election, lines up against the idea, and in favour of an expansion of high speed railways instead.... Read More
  • Aerologic launch not likely before end of 2009

    Delays in delivery of its 777 freighters will almost certainly put back the start of operations for Aerologic to the latter end of 2009, Lufthansa Cargo has conceded.... Read More
  • Lufthansa confident in face of the downturn

    While accepting the seriousness of the global economic outlook, Lufthansa Cargo nevertheless senses that its moment may be coming.... Read More
  • Qantas Freight rolls out new business strategy

    Since consolidating Qantas Freight businesses as part of the Qantas Group's business segmentation strategy last year, the new entity has continued to grow and built on new-found synergies. Wong Joon San has the story.... Read More
  • Toll forges ahead, focuses on Asian acquisitions

    While considerable volatility exists in global debt and equity markets as well as in global energy prices, the logistics sector's fundamentals remain favourable as global trade and the trend to outsourcing continues, the Toll Group says.... Read More
  • Australia's air cargo gateway nears capacity

    Sydney Airport, the air freight gateway to Australia, is tipped to record strong freight volume growth next year. According to the airport's 2009 draft Master Plan, existing international and domestic airfreight handling facilities at the Sydney Airport are currently operating near capacity.... Read More
  • Pemco moves into B767 conversion

    Pemco World Air Services, Inc., which has performed 350 cargo conversions worldwide, says that it expects to deliver its first converted 767 in the third quarter of 2010.... Read More
  • Good opportunities in long term: HAECO

    Short term adverse conditions in the industry are not likely to dampen signifi cant passenger to freighter conversions over the longer term, according to HAECO.... Read More
  • EFW flying high with A300/310 conversions

    The prospects for converting Airbus passenger aircraft into freighters is promising for EADS Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH (EFW) according to the conversion division of Airbus' parent company, EADS.... Read More
  • Aeronautical Engineers focuses on B737s

    Softening cargo capacity demand has also benefited conversions of B737s, with conversion expert Aeronautical Engineers forecasting a strong 2008/09.... Read More
  • Aircraft valuation and conversion economics aligning

    While demand for air cargo capacity has waned with global economic woes and record high oil prices, conversion experts believe there is still sufficient demand to place converted freighters with carriers.... Read More
  • Alcoa-SIE B757-200 conversions

    Woes in the airline industry appear to be a gain for those in air cargo industry who are shopping for a freighter conversion, as passenger carriers trim their fleets.... Read More
  • California inland alternatives to LAX

    With the main gateway airport for Asian cargo fast running out of capacity, inland Southern Californian airports are happily picking up the overflow.... Read More
  • Int'l cargo puts Atlanta at new altitude

    For the world's busiest airport, the status quo is clearly not satisfactory. Karen E. Thuermer tells us why.... Read More
  • Asia scores high in NY-New Jersey

    While JFK and Newark have felt the pinch of high fuel costs due to a largely long-haul trade, rising carrier stars from India and the Middle East offer a welcome respite.... Read More
  • Houston stays optimistic for future

    Although its volumes from China have dropped, growth out of the Middle East and Southeast Asia has helped Houston realise nearly a 7 per cent jump in international cargo.... Read More
  • Rocketing fuel prices ground Alaskan volumes

    The top US cargo airport, by landed weight, is feeling the bite of high fuel prices as cargo volumes decline and expansion is put on hold. Wong Joon San has the story.... Read More
  • Saudi Arabian expands cargo

    Founded in 1945, Saudi Arabian Airlines started operations with just a single DC-3, but today, it has become not only one of the largest Middle East airlines, but it is also one of the largest cargo operators in that region with even more plans to expand its cargo operations.... Read More
  • Emirates' Cargo Mega Terminal

    The story of air freight handling in Dubai is as much about the rapid growth of the country as a whole as it is about Emirates Airlines' dramatic rise and a new air cargo terminal for SkyCargo is merely a temporary breather in the country's race to build the world's largest airport and logistics centre. Donald Urquhart reports.... Read More
  • A 'hot summer' for Royal Jordanian

    Although fuel prices have been rocketing, Royal Jordanian has seen growing demand at all its 55 destinations this year, because of its recently acquired modern fleet of aircraft, the electronic systems that it has fitted to upgrade its services and a host of other measures it has taken to combat rising fuel prices.... Read More
  • Emirates may ditch A310Fs early

    Emirates is considering retiring its three A310 freighters early, because of the high fuel prices, according to its divisional senior vice president for cargo, Ram Menen. Peter Conway reports.... Read More
  • Small carrier, big vision

    The air cargo growth driver in the Middle East, which as a region recorded 10.7 per cent airfreight growth in the first five months of 2008, is undoubtedly the rapid infrastructure expansion, according to Des Vertannes, Etihad Airways' executive vice president cargo. Wong Joon San has the story.... Read More
  • Tianjin's AirCargo Terminal open for business

    China's newest airfreight terminal in Tianjin in North China was officially opened last month, attended by nearly 200 guests including prominent representatives of China's business and political elite.... Read More
  • Consolidation in the China air market

    Over the last few years, airline consolidation in China has gained momentum as major carriers seek suitable partners to withstand competitive challenges, including fuel costs, as well as to expand their market reach and speed entry into both the international and domestic markets.... Read More
  • China's belly capacities under utilised

    China does not fully utilise its belly-hold cargo capacities in the light of the insufficient dedicated freighter services in the Mainland market, according to Swiss WorldCargo executive.... Read More
  • A Silk Road alternative to air cargo?

    With fuel prices hovering at an all-time high affecting airfreight movements between China and Europe, the Russians are promoting a much cheaper alternative, albeit slower, to move airfreight goods between China and Europe.... Read More
  • Cargo GSA's in Asia Supplement~ Leisure Cargo sets foot in China

    First Germany, then into the rest of Europe followed now by China. Air Berlin, Germany's second biggest airline, third largest European low,fare carrier, has since 1 May extended its reach into Beijing and Shanghai, aided by its Leisure Cargo subsidary.... Read More
  • Cargo GSA's in Asia Supplement~ Globe Air Cargo content with ME business

    Full flights, viable rates and constant cargo flows: German GSA Globe Air Cargo is quite content with how the partnership with Bahrain-based carrier Gulf Air has developed lately.... Read More
  • Cargo GSA's in Asia Supplement~ Air Logistics moves into Asia via Hong Kong

    UK-based Air Logistics Group, which is an IATA General Sales and Service Agent (GSSA) for 17 airlines, plans to use Hong Kong as its launch pad into the Asian market as part of its three-prong strategy.... Read More
  • Cargo GSA's in Asia Supplement~ HK needs to enhance logistics enviro

    To enhance the physical connectivity of Hong Kong with its southern China hinterland, the Government should put in place a world class logistics infrastructure and a facilitating regulatory regime to make the cross-boundary cargo flows faster and cheaper..... Read More
  • Cargo GSA's in Asia Supplement~ GSAs facing global solutions challenge

    The challenges facing airlines¡¯ general sales agents (GSAs) a decade ago would pale when compared with the present day¡¯s complexities and tough business environment.... Read More
  • Cargo GSA's in Asia Supplement~ FAGSA pushes end to bank guarantees

    FAGSA – the Federation of Airline General Sales Agents, which has 178 members worldwide – is supporting the spread of the CASS settlements system in Asia, as part of its campaign to remove the burden of bank guarantees from the region's GSAs.... Read More
  • ULD & PERISHABLES SUPPLEMENT~ Challenges of the pharma cold chain

    As any manufacturer, producer or logistics expert will tell you, the global supply chain for temperature sensitive commodities is becoming increasingly complex.... Read More
  • ULD & PERISHABLES SUPPLEMENT~ Perishables a mixed blessing for Euro airports

    Apart from attracting the business of an integrator, having a perishables centre seems to be something that all specialist cargo airports in Europe aspire to but success at filling these facilities can be elusive.... Read More
  • ULD & PERISHABLES SUPPLEMENT~ Perishables fast becoming big business

    Perishables, once considered a seasonal, low-rate, fi ll-up commodity by most airlines now constitute nearly 15 per cent of total worldwide air cargoes, of which as much as 80 per cent are classical perishables like flowers, fruit, seafood, fish or meat.... Read More
  • ULD & PERISHABLES SUPPLEMENT~ ULD management outsourcing gains ground

    Despite having a somewhat slow start, outsourcing the management of Unit Load Devices (ULDs) seems to be gaining momentum now as airlines, reeling under the immense pressure of rocketing fuel prices, see it as a cost cutting area.... Read More
  • ULD & PERISHABLES SUPPLEMENT~ Death penalty for ULD damage

    Capital punishment for ULD damage? This may seem rather harsh even in the world's most repressive societies, but the use of this statement caught the attention of senior air cargo executives recently, putting the issue in the spotlight.... Read More
  • China boom sees UPS upping capacity

    Undeterred by the US-led economic slow-down, UPS like its competitors, has its sights set on the dynamic China market and the up-and-coming India market to fuel growth for the company. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • Fedex growing with Asia

    A new chapter is about to open for Fedex in Asia, one that underscores the express company's success in Asia that had its humble beginnings with a small hub in Japan and a network inherited from its purchase of the Flying Tiger Line. Donald Urquhart reports.... Read More
  • Air HK enhances regional air network

    Due to the rapid increase in regional trade, Air Hong Kong has expanded its airfreight capacity between Hong Kong and Manila as well as to Beijing for its principal customer DHL, with plans for more services as demand rises. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • A sharp Dart for DHL

    With a strong and well-established presence in China through its longstanding joint venture with Sinotrans, a joint venture with Cathay Pacific and Air Hong Kong and most recently the announcement of a new US$175 million Shanghai hub, the global express giant is now focusing on building up its existing presence in India. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • TNT hits the road in Asia

    For Dutch express company TNT, the roadmap for tapping the dynamic growth of China and the Southeast Asian region, quite literally points to the road. A new Asian strategy based on an integrated road and air network is already paying early dividends. Donald Urquhart reports.... Read More
  • EASTERN EUROPE AIR CARGO SUPPLEMENT~ Skyport's new owner unveils strategy and growth plans

    Central European Handling (CEH), which purchased the air cargo terminal at Prague¡¯s Ruzyne International Airport last year, has unveiled its new strategy and growth plans for the facility.... Read More
  • EASTERN EUROPE AIR CARGO SUPPLEMENT~ EasternAir Cargo on the fast track

    Leipzig/Halle-based general sales agent EasternAir Cargo (EAC) expects to almost double its turnover in fiscal 2008 thanks largely to Moscow-based Atlant-Soyuz Airline and a capacity purchase deal with DHL.... Read More
  • EASTERN EUROPE AIR CARGO SUPPLEMENT~ Russia extends overflight rights for Lufthansa, again

    The issue over Russia's denial of overflight rights to Lufthansa Cargo continues to percolate as another extension has been granted while bilateral negotiations take place. Heiner Siegmund has the latest.... Read More
  • EASTERN EUROPE AIR CARGO SUPPLEMENT~ Czech Air optimistic about its first Asian service

    Since launching a scheduled, long-haul, all-cargo service to Asia in November last year ¨C the first time in its history - Czech Airlines is optimistic that this service will open significant new opportunities.... Read More
  • EASTERN EUROPE AIR CARGO SUPPLEMENT~ Vienna confident despite slower growth

    Cargo growth at Vienna airport slowed to 2.6 per cent in 2007 – a contrast to the double digit growth it saw in 2005 and 2006 – but the airport remains confident that it will remain the key air freight hub for Eastern Europe, beating off challenges from rivals further east.... Read More
  • INDIAN AIR CARGO SUPPLEMENT~ Kingfisher considering freighters

    After completing its acquisition of Air Deccan, Kingfisher is embarking on a major fleet expansion as it begins its foray into international services, giving a boost to its belly hold cargo capacity which could soon lead to dedicated freighters.... Read More
  • INDIAN AIR CARGO SUPPLEMENT~ A mighty big task for the Airports Authority

    While innumerable problems remain, India's Airports Authority is pushing ahead with modernisation, expansion and privatisation efforts in a desperate bid to get the infrastructure in shape.... Read More
  • INDIAN AIR CARGO SUPPLEMENT~ Air India Cargo charts its own future

    Air India Cargo (AIC), now a separate business unit following the merger with the former Indian Airlines, is aiming to build its fleet to 40 dedicated freighters, including up to 22 newbuilds by 2015.... Read More