San Bernardino Int’l Airport looking for investors

San Bernardino International Airport (SDB), which is 96.5km east of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), is promoting itself as the gateway to Southern California and the US as a whole. The airport is now seeking to develop its air cargo business and is wooing investors to develop its air cargo terminal facility. By Wong Joon San.

The public airport, which is a general aviation and cargo airport located on the former site of Norton Air Force Base, provides the optimal location for air cargo and logistics management for companies conducting businesses in Los Angeles, Southern California, Mexico and the US inter-mountain regions of Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Phoenix, according to Cathie A. Weber, marketing and leasing coordinator at the airport. Although the airport does not currently have any scheduled cargo flights Weber says the airport, which had handled a number of air cargo charters, is an ideal location for specialty air cargo charters. The airport presently handles mostly seven to 10 commercial passenger flights daily. Based on the airport’s projections, it expects to enplane 25,000 tonnes this year, doubling the enplaned cargo throughput to 50,000 tonnes by 2015. “We expect the airport to enplane 149,500 tonnes in 2020, 230,000 tonnes in 2025 and 318,500 tonnes in 2030,” Weber says. Itinerant operations (meaning an operation is arriving from outside the traffic pattern or departs the airport traffic pattern) of air carriers and air cargo are forecasted to be 10,600 and 2,300 flights this year respectively, and 15,400 and 3,600 flights by 2015. In preparation for its cargo services, the airport has US Customs agents who are available on call to clear imported goods. The airport, which can also offer expedited Customs clearance, has abundant aircraft ramp space as well as ample room for new development opportunities. It offers expansion potential in a secure and modern business environment. Weber says that being situated close to air freight customers in Los Angeles, Ontario, Riverside and Orange County, the airport offers significant advantages for companies that would like to avoid the congestion and high costs associated with other California gateway airports. The airport recently invested over US$6 million in code compliance and infrastructure improvements into its existing aircraft hangars. Facilities range from 30,000 square feet to over 500,000 square feet in the airport’s four bay heavy aircraft maintenance hangar and support areas. In addition, the airport is home to a 60,000 square foot paint hangar with the ability to accommodate B747 aircraft.