Menlo’s three-prong focus for its China business

The majority of Menlo Worldwide Logistics’ business in China is focused on domestic distribution, network managed transportation and supply chain solutions, says Jess Goldberg, vice president, Greater China. By Wong Joon San.

Menlo is focusing on a variety of strategies to augment China based global solutions which will effectively connect the company’s global operations, Goldberg says, adding that Menlo has been experiencing record growth in all its mature markets.

“Menlo, globally, has seen a marked demand for 4PL services by companies which have acquired multiple operating units or are struggling to drive out waste through LEAN methodologies. Menlo is executing 4PL supply chain teams in China where we do not act as a 3PL,” she says.

Goldberg says Menlo works with a number of highly vetted partners. “We are also developing long term strategies which will help us to fulfill end-to-end supply chain execution,” she adds.

Asked about challenges of fragmentation in the China market, Goldberg agrees that it is challenging, but points out that many of the constraints can be removed through the deployment of effective LEAN strategies toward operational execution.

“Those strategies are centered on early data capture, strategic procurement, engineered networks, and leveraging the extensive footprint we acquired through our 2007 acquisition. We areworking with our clients, developers, and regional inland and seaport developmentteams to leverage current and emerginginfrastructure,” Goldberg says, addingthat the company executes distributionsolutions through various modesincluding, rail, barge, air freight, andtruck transport.