Proper ULD damage control leads to savings

Proper ULD damage-control can lead to huge savings for airlines and such damage incidents can be reduced and controlled when ramp handling staff receives proper training, Anthony Chan, cargo services manager, Jardine Airport Services Limited (JASL) tells Wong Joon San.

Chan says whenever any new ramp handling staff is employed by JASL, the staff is given adequate basic training to ensure that he knows what his job entails, and how to handle the ULD so that the chances of thembeing damaged is greatly reduced.

“Part of the training is through classroom lectures and then they go out to the ramp and get on-the-job training,” Chan says, adding that the trainee will be attached to a supervisor who will guide the new staff step by step until he is familiar with the job.

Training includes guiding the new staff to understand the ULD parts such as base pallet edges, corners, outboard and slanted panels which can be damaged if poorly handled. A well defined reporting system is also adopted by JASL for recording any damages to ULDs, and photographs are taken with digital cameras to record any such damage making assessments easier.

JASL, which serves over 40 airline companies in Hong Kong, uses specially designed ULD loaders and roller dollies for handling ULDs, while lifting ULDs with fork lifts is prohibited in the warehouses, thus reducing the damage rate to ULDs.

In 2010, JASL has been appointed to provide services to Royal Jordanian Airline, Eastar Jet and Air Mauritius. In October last year, JASL was appointed to serve Zest Air.