EVA Air accelerates from parking to expansion

While Japan Airlines has announced its intention to stop its freighter services later this year, EVA Air Cargo’s strategy for 2010 is just the opposite as the second largest Taiwanese airline has announced plans to invest in capacity to China where yield is comparatively higher than in other areas. Wong Joon San reports.

K.W. Nieh Group CEO, Evergreen Group, parent of EVA Airlines’ which operates EVA Air Cargo, says that: “As we expand in China, we’re continuing to grow our market in Southeast Asia to make full use of our long-haul capacity to America and Europe.”

“A key EVA objective for 2010 is to fully utilise our airfreight capacity,” he says, adding that the airline expects to grow its air cargo throughput this year.

During the fourth quarter of 2009, EVA Air Cargo carried 190,000 tonnes of international freight, an improvement over the 39,000 tonnes the airline carried in the same period of 2008. EVA does not transport any domestic freight.

In January and February 2010, the airline carried 120,500 tonnes of international freight, an improvement over the 48,600 tonnes it carried during the same two months of 2009.

“We carried 60 per cent of our air cargo in freighters and 40 per cent in bellies of passenger flights during the fourth quarter of 2009. The proportion was the same during this period of 2008,” Nieh says. In January and February 2010, the percentage changed slightly with 70 per cent of EVA’s cargo being carried in freighters and 30 per cent inbelly holds.