TIACA reaches out to India

The secretary general of The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) recently paid a visit to India in a bid to assess the potential for a closer working relationship with the industry. Manfred Singh speaks with TIACA’s secretary general in New Delhi.

When sitting down with TIACA’s secretary general it quickly becomes apparent some of the key issues that are on the global air cargo association’s busy agenda. “We want to see Cargo 2000 succeed and standards coming to the industry. We are working closely with IATA and making sure that awareness about Cargo 2000 is followed,” said Daniel Fernandez, secretary general, The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA).

He went on to stress that the air cargo industry needs to be modernised, especially in the e-freight realm. “We feel that TIACA can be the vehicle to make e-freight a reality. There are lots of issues still pending with e-freight and we think that through our membership we can help solve the issues and help tomake e-freight the standard.”

An exploratory trip
Fernandez was not in India to find out about the Indian air cargo sector’s views on Cargo 2000, or e-freight, however. Instead, his visit was to gauge the sector’s views about TIACA. On what he referred to as “an exploratory trip”, the secretary general wanted to gain an insider’s view of the Indian air cargo industry. “It is a listening trip and an exploratory one,” he said adding, “we have had preliminary discussions and there are many things that we could bring to the table.”