PACTL builds customer base despite recession

While the severe global recession was affecting many companies last year, Shanghai Pudong Int’l Airport Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd adopted an aggressive marketing strategy to woo new customers. And it appears to have worked with Cathay Pacific Airways, Dragonair, Air Hong Kong, Air Cargo Germany and most recently, Air China, joining. Wong Joon San reports.

According to PACTL deputy general manager Lutz Grzegorz, the cargo handler, which serves 40 per cent of the international cargo passing through Pudong airport, focused on strict control of its operational cost and manpower utilisation last year in order to face the global recession.

“PACTL, whose core business is providing cargo warehousing services, handled a total of 911,000 tonnes of cargo last year, representing a 12 per cent year-on-year decline in overall cargo throughput,” he said, adding that of the total figure, international freight comprised 879,000 tonnes and domestic freight 32,000 tonnes, down 13 per cent and up 100 per cent respectively.”

“For the month of December, PACTL handled 11,200 tonnes of international freight and 590 tonnes of domestic freight, up 31 per cent and 481 per cent respectively,” he added.

Asked about PACTL’s customers, Grzegorz said the company had a total of 38 customers, including airlines with scheduled flights and others. “We provide warehousing operation servicesto customers and any other additional applicable services upon customers’request.”

The company’s terminal has a handling capacity of 1 million tonnes of cargo per year and 300,000 tonnes capacity at Terminal 2. Its PACTL West terminal was officially opened in December 2008, and has a designed capacity of 1.2 million tonnes (but has the capability to handle 2 million tonnes of cargo annually, if required).