October 2010

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  • Dusting off the desert sand

    Like the proverbial Phoenix rising from the ashes, so too the commercial aircraft are rising from their desert storage sites and returning to the skies. With the 2008-2009 global economic crisis resulting in a tumultuous decline in cargo and passenger demand, airlines desperately looked for places to park their aircraft that would keep their expensive assets dry and free of corrosion. Karen E. Thuermer has the story from the deserts of California and Arizona.... Read More



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  • Capacity discipline is key priority for AF-KLM Cargo

    With cargo load factors on the rise, yields improving and money flowing once again into the coffers of Air France-KLM Cargo, one would think the Champagne corks would be popping. But uncertainty still lingers heavy in the air as global economic signals are mixed and returning and new air craft capacity looms like a menacing cloud on the horizon. Donald Urquhart reports from Paris.... Read More

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  • Jet Airways holds onto its cargo ambitions

    India's Jet Airways has not given up its idea of starting a dedicated cargo carrier and the carrier's low-profile VP Cargo, Jay B Shelat told Payload Asia: "Jet's cargo ambitions as a dedicated freight carrier remain on hold. The business is being analysed. Once the market conditions and the environment improves, we will take another look." Manfred Singh has the story.... Read More