Rickenbacker offers multimodal platform

Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK) has long been promoted as a dedicated air cargo facility that serves several key business segments, including international airfreight, freight forwarding, corporate aviation, e-commerce fulfillment and distribution.

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Its central location in Columbus, Ohio and close proximity to an inordinate amount of distribution warehouse space means LCK has attracted an impressive network of freight forwarders and cargo airlines such as FedEx, UPS, Evergreen International, Kalitta and Atlas, as well as a US Foreign- Trade Zone. Located on 6,070 hectares, LCK’s particular advantage is its access to more than half of the US and Canadian population within 800 kilometres and its easy access to majorInterstate highways.

Multimodal gateway vision
Now Rickenbacker’s vision is to develop its facilities into a multimodal reg ional gateway designed to accommodate multiple 21st Century international hubs with adjacent manufacturing facilities and direct air, rail, and motor carrier intermodalcapabilities.

This vision should be realised with the opening of Norfolk Southern’s Heartland Corridor in mid-2010. The US$150 million intermodal rail line will link the Port of Virginia on the US East Coast to Chicago via Columbus and allow trains to stack intermodal cargo containers for increased capacity.

Already, Norfolk Southern’s intermodal yard – located adjacent to LCK – has been in operation for a year. Although the yard is currently operating undercapacity, LCK has ample land should it ever needed to be expanded.

“But the intermodal yard should serve the region for long time,” says DavidWhitaker, VP of Business Development and Communications. Given thesedeveloping advantages, officials there areincreasingly pitching LCK’s multimodalplatforms.