American Airlines Cargo focuses on quality

As Joe Reedy, VP – Cargo Sales and Marketing for American Airlines sees it, as long as air carriers sustain a long-term view and bear down on what’s really important in the near term, air cargo can regain its stature in the world’s global prosperity.

American Airlines ExpediteTC global cargo strategy perishables pharmaceuticals Qualified Envirotainer Provider

“The outlook for our industry remains difficult next year and recovery will likely track with the global economy,” Reedy says. “In response, our industry leaders are addressing these market challenges and turning to markets that still show promise – such as perishables andpharmaceuticals.”

Air carriers have acted proactively, with many announcing temperaturecontrolled products to help maintain the efficacy of their customers’ products. Accordingly, AA Cargo has introduced a new service for temperature-controlled shipments, ExpediteTC, and has recently announced that it has received accreditation as a Qualified Envirotainer Provider (QEP) in 61 cities in 24 countries.

Despite industry reports, such as the recent International Air Transport Association (IATA) figures citing the fact air cargo yields are down over 20 per cent, most carriers have moved up their service quality as a result of diminished pressure on capacity. In an effort to provide a better value proposition, carriers are implementing programmes that provide enhanced customer service and reduced costs. These include Cargo 2000 and IATA’s e-freight initiatives, both of which American Airlines participates in.

The Asia and Middle East markets continue to play a significant role in American Airlines’ global cargo strategy and are supported by both dedicated American Airlines employees and through its broad team of General Sales Agents (GSAs).