Turkish Airlines keeps growth firmly in its sights

There is no stopping Turkish Airlines.

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The global recession seems to have had no impact on its operations – the airline carried 3.1 million passengers in the first two months of the year, a rise of 9 per cent from a year earlier and cargo too is up 3.4 per cent, emphasising just what the carrier’s CEO, Temel Kotil, had told PayloadAsia in Delhi, a few months ago.

On the eve of launching the daily services from Delhi and Mumbai to Istanbul, Dr Kotil had said that there had been no reduction in the carrier’s growth plans. “If we stop growing, we are dead. Every year if we grow about 25 per cent in revenue and 15 per cent in passengers, we will be alive,” he said, adding, “we know what we are doing.”

Th at the management of the carrier has been doing the right things is becoming apparent if the passenger figures are any criteria. It is not that cargo has lagged behind. In the first two months of this year, cargo-mail increased 3.4 per cent to 28,839 tonnes.

It is no wonder that Atilla Lise, Senior Vice-President, Turkish Airlines Cargo, bubbled with enthusiasm when talking about the Indian market. Speaking on the sidelines of an event organised to honour Turkish’s top air cargo agents in India, Lise gave the impression that his management had understood that India possessed the potential to become a top-grosser in the years to come; hence, the need to develop the market.