MASE plans capability expansion

Despite the slowdown of the global MRO market, MAS Aerospace Engineering (MASE) is on an aggressive expansion programme to expand its capability for airframe heavy maintenance to include Airbus A340 and B767.

The Malaysian group, previously Malaysia Airlines Engineering, sees the A340 and B767 MROmarkets as full of tremendous potential.

MASE which has done the stripping and painting for AirAsia X’s livery for its two leased A340s hopes to broaden the company’s business relationship with the airline by securing the maintenance contract for the A340 and the A330-300. MASE is also aggressively marketing its services to tap the global MRO market for A340 aircraft.

MASE is the pioneer MRO service provider for Airbus A330-300 heavy maintenance in Asia. Th e group says the transition to the A340 capability would be short for MASE engineers and technicians as they would only have to go through a differences course.

With several customers already secured for Airbus A320 maintenance work, MASE has submitted bids for the contract for the AirAsia Group of airlines’ A320 fleet. MASE acquired the capability for the A320 two years ago.

The group comprising of Kuala Lumpur-based AirAsia, Th ai AirAsia and Indonesia AirAsia currently operates a total of 50 A320s. Another 125 A320s will be delivered to the three airlines over the next five years. AirAsia X has 25 A330-300s on order with two already delivered.