DB Schenker invests for the future

With major investments continuing across Asia and energised by synergies created by the integration with BAX Global, DB Schenker’s Asian regional operation is upbeat about its future and the air cargo business across the region.

“Fundamentally we’re still upbeatabout the business in Asia,” saidSchenker’s Asia Pacific CEO,Steve Dearnley. “We’re in a downturn,there’s no doubt about it, but I’ve beenhere for 30 years we’ve been throughdownturns before, albeit not of thismagnitude. But Asia is resilient and itwill come back.”

And looking at prior trends, airfreightis always a very good leading indicator ofthe economy and the first signs of a globalrecession have always been detectedin Asia, before it becomes apparentelsewhere,” Dearnley says. And once therecession bottoms out, the recovery isalso seen here first, “so hopefully historyrepeats itself.”

“Fundamentally we’re upbeat aboutour longer term future here, but clearlyit’s going to be a tough year,” he adds.

“We are still investing in Asia, so itsnot like things have ground to a halt,”he adds. DB Schenker’s Vietnam unit,Schenker Vietnam Co Ltd opened a newflagship facility close to Ho Chi MinhCity. The US$5.5 million investment wasmade jointly with the European-group’spartner Gemadept.

The new facility will function as alogistics hub for manufacturers, originalequipment manufacturers (OEM),contract manufacturers and distributors,particularly those companies involvedin the high-tech and industrial zonesin Binh Duong Province and Ho ChiMinh City.

“More than ever, this facility will notonly serve as an important hub for the Vietnammarket, but will also be an integralhub in our regional and global network,as we continue to strengthen our logisticsfootprint to better serve our customersneeds in Vietnam, Asia Pacific and therest of the world,” said Dearnley.