Qantas Freight rolls out new business strategy

Since consolidating Qantas Freight businesses as part of the Qantas Group's business segmentation strategy last year, the new entity has continued to grow and built on new-found synergies. Wong Joon San has the story.

Qantas Freight Enterprises (QFE)

As part of its business reorganisation last year, Qantas Freight Enterprises (QFE) was created to encompass the activities of Qantas Cargo and Express Freighters Australia, alongwith the Group’s equity investments in Star Track Express Holdings Pty Limitedand Australian Air Express Pty Limited.

The airline said that the move was aimed to position its portfolio businesses for greater growth and diversity outside their traditional aviation areas, and also provide alternative ownership options.

“QFE has reported a profit before tax of AU$64 million for the year ended June 30, 2008, which is AU$1 million down on the previous year,” it said in a statement.

1st paperless air cargo shipment
Qantas Freight announced recently that it had sent Australia’s first paperless air cargo shipment and was leading the local industry to have e-Freight in place nationally by 2010.

Qantas Freight Executive General Manager Grant Fenn said the first live paperless shipment had taken place less than three months after Australia was endorsed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) board to join its e-Freight programme.

“This is an important milestone for the Australian air freight industry as it marks the beginning of the end for the current complex paper based processes. The ability to send paperless air cargo shipments will have significant financial and logistical benefits for the whole industry and will ultimately mean a faster and more secure service for customers.