West China gets freighter service to Hong Kong

Importers and exporters in China's Sichuan province now have dedicated freighter capacity to Hong Kong. Brian Thomson reports from Chengdu.

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For too long, manufacturers in Sichuan province with multi-carton loads of over one – two tonnes, have had to suffer the untidy situation of their air-freight cargo going to destinations in ‘part lots’. Domestic passenger airlines flying from Chengdu could not just absorb these large volumes in their belly compartments.

Filling that need, Shenzhen based Donghai Airlines has commenced an all cargo service to Hong Kong. The carrier will fly their B 737-300F, four times per week with a capacity of 13 tonnes.

Th e credit for the start up of this operation must go to the local city government, which made representations on behalf of local industry to the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC). Whilst Hong Kong may not be the preferred destination of every manufacturer, this service is a step in the right direction to allow for more cargo freighters from inland cities such as Chengdu, giving faster and better routings to the large cities in China, the major air gateways and seaports.

This new service comes at the right time, particularly for Intel’s chip factory. Intel spokeswoman, Gu Yi, said: “Our current export requirement is about 45 tonnes per week, and our total cargo, inward and outward, is on the increase. We import almost everything; specialised tooling, equipment and raw materials. Due to the complexity of our business, we don’t just use one forwarding agent, we use four or five”.