Pemco moves into B767 conversion

Pemco World Air Services, Inc., which has performed 350 cargo conversions worldwide, says that it expects to deliver its first converted 767 in the third quarter of 2010.

Aurora Aviation Group B767 conversion PEMCO

“The timing is right for us to proceed with the 767 cargo conversion programme, and the indications are that the marketplace is receptive to our design solution and value equation,” Wake Smith, President and CEO, Pemco World Air Services, Inc., says.

“Key to Pemco’s 767 strategy is the acquisition of Wagner Aeronautical, which has been developing its 767 design for a year and has filed its programme application with the FAA last summer.” Pemco will now proceed with the Wagner programme and expects to deliver its fi rst converted 767 in the third quarter of 2010, he says.

However, Pemco’s plans might suffer a temporary setback due to the B787 programme’s delivery delay, an industry official said, adding that the short-term demand for cargo lift capability has affected the output market of 737 and 767s.

Pemco, which is headquartered in Dothan, Alabama, is the market leader in 737 conversion programmes, and it is still pushing ahead with conversionsdespite the temporary setback.

Parent sells off Pemco
In September last year, the Pemco Aviation Group, Inc. sold Pemco World Air Services, Inc. for $43 million to Sun Capital Partners, Inc., a private investment firm specializing in leveraged buyouts and investments.

Pemco provides commercial aircraft maintenance and cargo modification services on a contract basis to the owners and operators of large commercial aircraft. The firm also handles cargo modification for 737-300/400 aircraft.