Alcoa-SIE B757-200 conversions

Woes in the airline industry appear to be a gain for those in air cargo industry who are shopping for a freighter conversion, as passenger carriers trim their fleets.

14Plus B757-200 Conversion Program Alcoa-SIE conversions freighter conversion

Whereas in the past, companies might have had difficulty obtaining a converted narrow body freighter – not many were on the market to be converted, this is not the case today. That’s at least what Alcoa-SIE Cargo Conversions (ASCC) is finding.

“Two years ago the main problem was a lack of available aircraft for conversion,” says Charles Perry, consultant to the President of ASCC. “But now that passenger operators are reducing capacity, aircraft are more available.”

ASCC executives should know. ASCC’s 14Plus B757-200 Conversion Program is a cargo conversion package based on the Boeing 757-200 aircraft. The twin-engine 757 provides longer range, a larger payload, and significant operational savings over older freight carrying aircraft. The benefit of the program is it offers airfreight carriers a cost-effective way to modernise and upgrade their fleet.

“The biggest concern of clients entering a conversion program seems to be selecting the aircraft that best suits their mission requirements,” Perry says. Another major concern is aircraft fuel efficiency and the cost of the conversion.

“Cost weighs on the decision as to which aircraft and conversion to go with,” Perry says. “The cost of the 757 is still higher than needed for a robust conversion market to happen. But costs are coming down. The major problem now is fuel prices and the down turn in the overall economy.