Cargo GSA’s in Asia Supplement~ HK needs to enhance logistics enviro

To enhance the physical connectivity of Hong Kong with its southern China hinterland, the Government should put in place a world class logistics infrastructure and a facilitating regulatory regime to make the cross-boundary cargo flows faster and cheaper..

Besides increasing the Hong Kong International Airport’s runway capacity, the government’s action in enhancing the infrastructure for the smooth running of the air cargo industry has become an urgent priority, according to Julie Shek, marketing manager for Dyna-Trans Ltd, a Hong Kong-based General Service Agent (GSA).

“In a nutshell, improving Hong Kong’s logistics infrastructure, speeding up the customs process, lowering the airport charges and other local ancillary charges would certainly help to maintain the territory’s position as a gateway hub. Of vital importance is that the industrial players have to compete in a more healthy manner and strictly adhere to the commitment terms.”

Asked about Hong Kong’s third cargo terminal, she says: “We think that Hong Kong needs a third cargo terminal as it does not only give additional choice to the airlines but also to forwarders and shippers too.

“The most important thing is that additional air cargo handling capacity and facilities provided by the third cargo terminal (to be designed, constructed and operated by Cathay Pacific Services, a unit of Cathay Pacific Airways) would further contribute to the competitiveness of Hong Kong’s status as the world’s premier aviation hub.”

This would certainly have a positive impact on the GSA business due to the expected increase in carriers serving Hong Kong, she adds.