Cargo GSA’s in Asia Supplement~ Globe Air Cargo content with ME business

Full flights, viable rates and constant cargo flows: German GSA Globe Air Cargo is quite content with how the partnership with Bahrain-based carrier Gulf Air has developed lately.

“To us the import driven Gulf region is of high and growing interest because there is a lot of demand for German and European products in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the neighbouring places,” says Globe’s commercial manager Mark Grinsted – a comment that does not, however, apply for Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In those locations, the prices per kilogram meanwhile, are pretty much spoiled due to the comparatively aggressive fares the local contenders Emirates and Etihad are offering for the transport of cargo.

Gulf Air and Globe teamed up in Bahrain with the Frankfurt-based agent responsible for filling the belly hold capacity of the passenger Airbus A330 that Gulf is deploying on the daily route between Rhein-Main and Manama in Bahrain.

“How much cargo we can load on boardof the aircraft depends to some extend on the number and weight of luggage the passengers hand over to the airline while checking in,” says Grinsted. But in average it amounts to something from 11.8 to 13.6 tonnes each flight, making it roughly 90.7 tonnes per week.

“As far as transfer shipments to India, Pakistan, the Philippines or China on Mark Grinsted board of Gulf Air’s fleet are concerned, we do not contribute substantial traffic.” It simply doesn’t pay off , exclaims the manager. “The rates from Germany to Bahrain are higher compared to the fares from here to Manila, Delhi or Mumbai,” he says.