EUROPEAN AIR CARGO~ Major Euro airports biggest threat to Schiphol

With growing trade between Europe and Asia, Europe's airports are fighting it out for a bigger slice of Asian business with Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport confident of remaining a winner in this contest.

As trade between Europe, Asia and the rest of the world continues to grow, the biggest competitive threats to Schiphol Airport are the major airports in Europe, their capacity for growth and cost of airline operations, according to a senior Schiphol executive.

Franz van Hessen, marketing manager cargo of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol says that Schiphol’s strategy is, therefore, focused on making sure that it maintains 24 hours a day/7 days a week slots for freighter operations to and from all major economic areas in the world.

“Regarding our cargo transfer position, we focus on the timely developments of cargo/logistics areas and the location of a broad variety of logistics companies, including 3 & 4 PLs, in those areas,” van Hessen says.

“Also a lot of effort is put in the development of innovative transfer processes whereby cost of operations for our industry partners and airline visit cost can be controlled at an acceptable level.” He says examples of such innovative processes are the integration of security and customs checks in one process step via E-freight and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

As part of its development, Schiphol airport has this year added two additional full freighter stands, making a total of 23, and 23,000 sqm of first line ramp-connected handling sheds.