FREIGHTER CONVERSION SUPPLEMENT~ Alenia Aeronavali takes on B767s

A new chapter is dawning for the aircraft conversion division of Italy's Alenia Aeronavali as the era of the DC- 10 and MD-11 conversion slowly gives way to the B767 and perhaps one day, the A330 or even B777.

Alenia Aeronavali, a subsidiary of the Finmeccanica Company has three plants for a total of over 92,000 sq. meters of hangar space and workshops, situated in Venice, which is also the company headquarters, Naples and Brindisi. The company has been involved in the modification and maintenance of commercial and military aircraft for more than fifty years.

Among the aircraft that Alenia Aeronavali undertakes conversions on, are the ATR42/72 turboprop which are manufactured by ATR, an equal partnership between Alenia Aeronautica (also part of the Finmeccanica group) and EADS.

The passenger to freighter conversion of the ATR42/72 aircraft comes with two freighter configuration options: with the existing 51 inch cargo door for bulk loading, or a Large Cargo Door for loading standard containers.

One unique competitive offering from Aeronavali according to Alenia Aeronavali sales manager, Giuseppe Gambino is an option for an extra-Large Cargo Door 116 inches wide that will allow standard containers to be accommodated. But this is likely not to be to everyone’s taste, as Gambino notes, because it means additional cost. To date the company has completed a total of 11-ATRs and has another 10 in the backlog.

“As a member of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services’ international network of modification and engineering facilities Alenia Aeronavali also modifies DC-10 and MD-10/11 passenger aircraft to freighters for customers mainly based in the US.